The Waltham Forest Spring Clean 2020: Friday 3 to Sunday 5 April 2020

9 March 2020


Children from Davies Lane Primary with their litter picking tools

Waltham Forest Council is planning its 8th Annual Spring Clean and would like to invite you to organise an event. In previous years residents, resident groups, friends’ groups, faith groups, youth groups and schools have come together to litter pick, spruce up public spaces that need a little TLC, paint areas and plant flowers and shrubs.

For this year’s Spring Clean we are promoting public awareness about the importance of pollinators and the need for us to protect their habitats and restore and create yet more. As part of this we will be distributing wildflower seeds to those wanting to create their own wildflower meadow/border. These will be accompanied by a guide on how to create your own wildflower area and help us feed the insects that in turn pollinate food we all rely on! Please let us know if you have a space in mind, so that we can help you make sure that it is suitable and ready to be sown.

If you would like to arrange an event please let us know the time, day, location and number of volunteers and pupils taking part, and Waltham Forest Council will help supply the equipment you need, and help you to promote it in your local community.

If you intend to use our wildflower seed, we will need to know roughly how many square meters you intend to sow so that we can work out how much seed you need.

To participate, simply complete the Spring Clean Equipment Request form and email it back to by Friday 13 March and we will make arrangements for you to receive them.

Once you’ve done this, spread the word! Use the hashtag #WFSpringClean20 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and start promoting your event with any suitable photos regarding the event, what you hope to achieve, volunteers in action and ‘after’ the event shots.