Waltham Forest Safer Neighbourhoods Board


In 2012 The Mayor of London made a commitment to establish Safer Neighbourhood Boards (SNBs) in every borough to give Londoners and victims a greater voice with regards to crime prevention and reduction. SNBs are not statutory bodies and have no statutory powers or delegated authority.

A new Waltham Forest SNB (WFSNB) was established in July 2018. The board’s goals are to:

  • monitor police performance using data supplied by MOPAC so as to hold the Police to account as a ‘critical friend’
  • develop engagement between the police and the wider Waltham Forest community

If you're interested in attending a meeting or want to find out more contact Democratic Services on 020 8496 4328  or democraticservices@walthamforest.gov.uk at least 24 hours before the time of the meeting.

Funding Click to get info

One of the responsibilities tasked to SNBs by the Mayor of London is to recommend projects to the Mayor of London Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) for funding. A fund of £1million is available to London SNBs for crime reduction, crime prevention and community engagement activities.

In August 2018 Waltham Forest Safer Neighbourhood Board requested applications for funding from organisations working within the borough who wished to work on crime and community safety projects.

The SNB funding has now been allocated to five projects as follows:

  1. Boxing Diversion Project (Police & East London Boxing Academy, ELBA) £2,500 – Diversionary project aimed at young people at risk of being involved in ASB or crime. The outcomes include building self-esteem and self confidence in these young people. Funding will cover costs of equipment and membership fees where appropriate.
  2. COG – The Link (Higham Hill CIC) £5,000 - This aim of the project is to teach young people basic bike maintenance skills, enabling them to service and repair donated bikes we are recycling, to provide to those young people in the community who don’t have access to a bike of their own. We also aim to extend the project by providing further opportunities for young people who show a particular interest and aptitude for additional learning.
  3. Tackling Youth Crime through Educational Theatre (Leyton Sixth Form College) £9,500 - The proposal is for the college’s Expressive Arts team to work with a group of students, the college’s Metropolitan Police contacts and other experts and stakeholders to devise an original performance which will explore the issues behind the current increase in knife crime, the reasons that compel some young to carry a knife or other weapon and the relationship between gangs and knife-crime.
  4. Development of Neighbourhood Watch (Met Police) £2,300 – purchase and installation of a quantity of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) signs to be distributed to NHW co-ordinators around the borough. Local Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) will engage with their local ward communities to promote and develop the NHW scheme.
  5. Let’s Talk with Young People (WF YIAG) £9,500 - Through “Let’s Talk with Young People” young programme organisers and facilitators will be trained and accredited as Young Advisors and be a part of the Waltham Forest Youth  Independent Advisory Group, (YIAG) an award-winning youth  engagement group

In addition to the SNB, local residents can also help to set local policing priorities and help to reduce and prevent crime by joining their ward’s Safer Neighbourhood Panel. These meet approximately every two months. More information on the Met Police website.

Stop and search group Click to get info

The board has tasked a small group of police officers and members to examine the operation of Stop and Search in Waltham Forest in three key respects:

  • Fairness - Is the power being exercised fairly across the community or are some groups being disproportionately stopped?
  • Effectiveness - What is the return to the community, in terms of the conviction of wrongdoers relative to the costs, both in terms of police effort and community reaction?
  • Respect - Are people being stopped, the overwhelming majority of whom are not arrested, being treated in a decent manner?

Waltham Forest is introducing open meetings of the Stop and Search monitoring group from October 2017. Contact Democratic Services for meeting details and agenda information. To find out more in relation to stop and search or to become a member of the Group please contact the Stop and Search Group at stopandsearchwf@gmail.com

Attendees must agree to:

  • listen respectfully to all participants without interrupting
  • follow any directions from the meeting Chair