Voluntary and community sector groups

Adult social care and health


The local voluntary and community sector (VCS) consists of a wide range of charities, community groups, tenants and residents associations, social enterprises and many more not-for-profit organisations or groups.

We currently spend over £5million on services delivered by the VCS including practical and development support for organisations through Community Waltham Forest.

VCS strategy Click to get info

In June 2016, our new strategy for working with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector was approved by the council’s Cabinet. It follows a 2015 review of the sector.

This strategy:

  • sets out our vision and priorities for working with the sector
  • describes how we will work together to achieve this over the coming year
  • sets out where we are now, where we want to be, and how we will get there.

Read the VCS strategy.

Other Waltham Forest strategies

Our key strategy document features some of our most recent strategies to demonstrate how we are going to fulfil our priorities and meet the demands of our residents.

The document covers:

  • our core strategy
  • our housing strategy
  • health
  • culture and communities
  • our economic growth strategy
  • council budget and financial strategy

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Community Waltham Forest, is now part of the London Borough Waltham Forest’s Connecting Communities team

They support, represent and strengthen voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises and volunteers to make an even greater contribution to Waltham Forest and the people who live and work here.

The team comprises of:

Chris Todd, Development Officer.
Chris works with charities, community groups and social enterprises providing support to enable them to develop their organisation and their services. He also produces our funding newsletter and runs training on many areas of organisational development.

Chris can be contacted on chris.todd@walthamforest.gov.uk and 020 3893 9793.

Diana Leary, Volunteering Development Officer.
Diana supports groups across the borough with their volunteer programmes and all aspects of best practice in volunteer management, through 1-2-1 support, training and development of resources.  She also meets with people interested in volunteering and matches them with roles that suit them within the sector.  

Diana can be contacted by email at diana.leary@walthamforest.gov.uk and 020 3893 9792. 

Alison Griffin, Development Officer for Networks and Partnerships. 
Alison organises information and networking events for the voluntary and community sector. She is leading on our new project to support local youth services.

Alison can be contacted by email at alison.griffin@walthamforest.gov.uk and 020 3893 9794. 

VCS resources Click to get info

This information is to help you bid for funding, win contracts, and deliver services for the people of the borough.

You’ll also find support about bidding for external funds and exploring grant funding opportunities.

Borough statistics

You can better understand the needs of local people by looking at population information about the borough.

For example, if your organisation is for families with young children, you may want to know which areas of the borough have the most single parents, low income families, or which schools provide the most free school meals.

We also have information to help you identify where to recruit volunteers, or where to promote your services.

Health and wellbeing

Information about people with long-term health issues, maternity and child health, as well as analysis of wider factors that affect health can be found in our joint strategic needs assessment 2014 - 2015 report.

Waltham Forest volunteering research

Research shows a relatively low number of charities in the borough, considering the size of the population. Volunteering here is also lower than the national and London average.

Read a summary of the research.

How we compare

To compare our borough with other London boroughs or local authorities, you can use a tool called LG Inform. This gives information on issues like school achievement, crime and employment.

National statistical information

The 2011 Census gives more detailed information. You can get this from the Office of National Statistics.

If you want to use council property (eg renting a room for a community or voluntary group), or are looking for a rent discount, complete and submit one or both of these forms.

Rent or lease council accommodation

Apply for rent discounts

All forms should be emailed to PropertyEnquiries@walthamforest.gov.uk or posted to:

Corporate Asset Management Team
Room 301, Sycamore House
Town Hall Complex
London E17 4JF

Please phone the team on 020 8496 8077/ 8089 if you have any queries.