Voluntary and charity sector


Local voluntary and charity sector (VCS) organisations have played a vital role in helping residents and responding to COVID-19.  Although the core running period of the Connecting Communities programme has ended, we have a team that is available to continue to assist registered organisations by sharing information, resources and expertise, and by helping to co-ordinate and link groups together.

For all queries please get in touch with the Connecting Communities team.

We have a pool of legends of the forest volunteers, many of whom signed up to help the community response to COVID-19. If your organisation could benefit from more volunteers, or volunteers with specific skills and capabilities, please get in touch.

We can help you to create a role description, speak to you about what your needs are and utilise our volunteer network to find relevant candidates who can help. Please note before volunteering begins, the council checks volunteers’ references and depending on the nature of the role will ensure recommended candidates are DBS (Disclosure and barring service) checked.

For all queries please get in touch with the Connecting Communities team

If you are providing support to residents around the delivery of food parcels, prescriptions or befriending, we would love to hear from you to discuss how you can work with existing providers across the borough who are delivering similar services. This way we can share valuable intelligence and foster greater collaboration between groups.

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