Violence Reduction Partnership


What is the Violence Reduction Partnership?

Violence works like a disease; it targets the most vulnerable, it has a lasting impact on victims and perpetrators, and can spread rapidly across a population.

Waltham Forest’s Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) brings together partners - drawn across the Council, the Metropolitan Police, health and education services and the borough’s community groups - to work collaboratively through a public health approach which tackles violence and the causes of violence.
We do this in order to achieve our ambition: to reduce violence in Waltham Forest so that our residents feel safer.
Please read the Violence Reduction Partnership’s Annual Report to find out more about what has been achieved since its launch.


The VRP’s public health approach tackles violence and the causes of violence across four ‘domains’ stands, as follows:

  • Curtail violent acts at source, pursuing perpetrators and enforcing action
  • Treat those who have been exposed to violence to control the spread
  • Support those susceptible to violence due to their exposure to risk factors
  • Strengthen community resilience through a universal approach

Each domain has a working group made up of key partners – including Council and Police officers, health and education services, and community groups.

Each domain group meet once a term to develop innovative and strategic approaches to reduce violence, and to update on progress. 

Young people are well represented on each of the domain groups, but to ensure their voice is fully embedded, a separate Young People’s Group meets to test emerging actions, offer challenge and/or endorsement.

Contact us if you’d like to get involved in these meetings.

Join us in the fight to tackle violence and the causes of violence in our borough. Here’s how you can help:

Report crime:

  • If you see crime happening, call 999 and report it immediately
  • If you have information about a crime or a known criminal, you can report it to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111
  • You can report anti-social behaviour on the council’s website

Report concerns of harm or exploitation:

  • If you are concerned that a child has been harmed, exploited, or exposed to violence then contact the Multi -Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) by email or on 020 8496 2310

Support young people by volunteering:

  • We are recruiting local residents to act as Community Mentors for those at risk of exploitation – find out more 
  • We need residents and businesses to act as ‘Ask Me Ambassadors’ who can speak to young people concerned about gang activity or youth violence - find out more 
  • We have a thriving network of community organisations who support our young people. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.