Types of tenancy



There are three main types of tenancy.

Introductory tenancy Click to get info

If you’re new a tenant, you’ll probably be offered an introductory tenancy. It’s a trial tenancy, usually for a 12 month period (up to a maximum of 18 months). Your housing officer will check up on you to make sure you’re keeping to your tenancy agreement.

Then after this trial, you could then be offered a secure tenancy.

But if you don’t keep to the agreement - eg not paying rent, illegally subletting - the council can serve legal notice to end your tenancy. 

Secure tenancies Click to get info

If you’re a secure tenant you have the right to stay in your home for as long as you choose - so long as you keep to the conditions set out in your tenancy agreement.

Demoted tenancy Click to get info

This is a tenancy issued to you by order of a court. It’s probationary and normally lasts one year, but can be extended to 18 months.

Often a demoted tenancy is given to you because of antisocial or nuisance behaviour.

If you keep to the demoted tenancy agreement, you should usually become a secure tenant again in 12 months. Obviously, breaking the agreement could result in you losing your tenancy.