The council is responsible for all trees in Waltham Forest that are in public spaces. This includes trees on the roadside, in parks and on Waltham Forest Housing properties.

We are not responsible for trees growing in private gardens unless they are protected by a Tree Preservation Order or situated within a conservation area. We can, however, provide advice concerning privately owned trees.

Waltham Forest Tree Strategy 2017-2022

Tree pruning and maintenance is happening across the borough.

The current schedule for work is:

1. 2020-2021 – Cann Hall, Cathall, Leyton, Grove Green, Leytonstone, Forest
2. 2021-2022 – Wood Street, Hoe Street, High street, Lea Bridge, Markhouse
3. 2022-2023 – Hale End & Highams Park, Chapel End, William Morris, Higham Hill, Valley
4. 2023-2024 – Hatch Lane, Larkswood, Endlebury, Chingford Green

If trees are diseased, dying or dangerous to public safety they may have to be felled.

Replacement trees will be planted within the autumn/winter months of the financial year during which the trees were removed.

  • A tree that is in danger of falling over due to disease
  • A tree hit by a vehicle
  • A branch that is hanging or likely to fall off

You can report a tree problem online here.

If it's an emergency

Phone Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000 and give us with as much information as you can, for example:

  • location of tree (including a house number when appropriate or if situated in a private garden, park or council property)
  • the nature of the request (for example if the tree needs pruning or removing)

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This is the process once your request is received:

  • Request is passed to a tree officer who will inspect the tree, normally within ten working days unless it is dangerous
  • Once the survey has taken place, if the tree officer decides that work is needed a Works Order request is raised
  • We will let you know the action to be taken by calling you or sending a letter

The whole process from inspection to completion can take up to 8 weeks depending on the volume of work.

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For queries, call 020 8496 3000 or email

Tree Planting Requests Click to get info

We receive many requests from the public for new tree planting and always welcome suggestions for appropriate locations for new trees. Unfortunately, as we have a limited budget for new planting, we need to prioritise areas.

New trees are usually planted in areas that we have identified as ‘strategic priority areas’ for tree planting. These includes:

  • Replacement of trees felled due to disease or structural failure
  • Replacement of trees felled due to insurance claims
  • Replacement of trees blown over by storms
  • Community led tree planting by Friends of Parks or London in Bloom groups
  • Woodlands to support biodiversity
  • Housing sites
  • Educational land
  • Public open spaces with little existing natural value
  • New Development sites
  • Town Centre Regeneration schemes
  • Highway improvement schemes along key transport corridors and gateways such as the East-West corridors, and North-South corridor 

We will only acknowledge receipt of your request, and your details will not be retained for GDPR reasons. However the street location will be added to our list of potential tree locations, which will need to be inspected to assess their viability for tree planting.