Tree Giveaway update - a response to the Climate Emergency

10 November 2021
Street trees in LBWF

Hundreds of young trees will be given to school pupils this autumn to be planted in people’s own gardens and suitable public spaces.

This is part of the boroughs commitment to increase trees as part of our response to the climate emergency.

The eight species to be planted as part of the first Great Waltham Forest Giveaway are:

  • Blackthorn – This thorny tree produces white flowers in early spring and provides a valuable source of pollen for bees and pollinators.
  • Bird cherry – Blackbirds and sing thrushes love the red-black cherries. Look out for its beautiful golden-yellow autumn leaves.
  • Wild cherry – Enjoy beautiful clouds of blossom in spring, and bright summer fruits. Its warm autumn leaves fade to a deep crimson, giving your garden a warm glow.
  • Crab apple – A wild ancestor of the cultivated apples with which we are all familiar – birds like fieldfares and thrushes love the fruits as well as small mammals like mice and even badgers.
  • Hawthorn - Delicate pink-white blossom in spring and ruby-red berries in summer. This amazing tee can support over 300 species of insect!
  • Hazel - Hazel has a reputation as a magical tree that provides protection. The tree is particularly associated with the hazel dormouse.
  • Holly - Holly provides birds, such as mistle thrush, with food and shelter from winter storms and predators. It is also one of the main food plants for the holly blue butterfly caterpillar.
  • Rowan - The flowers are a pollen and nectar source for bees and other pollinating insects, while the berries are eaten by birds.

We are fast approaching National Tree Week Saturday 27 November – Sunday 5 December and our tree planting season which we will be planting over 8000 trees in Waltham Forest.

Waltham Forest residents who requested trees

Residents that have requested a free tree whip earlier in the year will be able to collect them from collection points across the borough which will be announced in due course.

Tree whips are grown in nurseries and lifted when weather conditions are right and the young trees have become dormant.

We anticipate our deliveries of the whips around the 24th November but this is if expected weather conditions are favourable for the trees.

Once we have confirmed deliveries, we will email all our residents who ordered trees, provide dates and collection locations.

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