Supplementary planning documents

Planning and building control

Supplementary planning documents (SPD) provide further details of policies and proposals of the local development plan.

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Norlington Road industrial site SPD

On 26 April 2016 the council resolved to adopt the Norlington Road industrial site SPD.

This SPD sets out a clear planning framework for bringing forward the appropriate redevelopment of the Norlington Road site.

Shop front design SPD

On 22 March 2016 the council resolved to adopt the shop front design SPD.

This SPD provides clear practical advice for developers and retailers who are changing the external appearance of a shop.

South Grove/ St James SPD

The new South Grove / St James Street SPD was adopted on 16 May 2017. This document replaces the 2015 South Grove / St James SPD and provides guidance for new development proposals as well as ensuring that essential infrastructure required to support the area is delivered. The SPD takes account of changing circumstances in the South Grove/ St James Street area and provides an updated framework for how the area can be developed.

Public house SPD

The council recognises the valuable role public houses can play as part of sustainable communities. That's why we want to protect them from increased pressure for loss to alternative uses.

This public houses SPD sets out details of existing levels of provision in the borough, records of recent losses, and a series of tests that will apply to future planning applications involving the loss of a public house.

Inclusive design SPD

The council is committed to raising the quality of design for all new development in Waltham Forest and has produced new planning guidance on inclusive design.

Two supplementary planning documents (SPD) were formally adopted by the council in May 2011.

  • Inclusive housing design (1.6MB PDF file) The inclusive housing design SPD covers all new residential development including new housing development and the design of wheelchair housing and lifetime homes. The conversion of existing premises into residential units is also covered by this guidance

  • Inclusive design for non-residential buildings (2.8MB PDF file) The inclusive design for non-residential buildings SPD focuses on inclusive design for other development including all new buildings, extensions, changes of use and alterations to elevations, for example new shop front

Both documents have been informed by a series of national, regional and local policy documents, best practice advice and statutory requirements set out in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, 2005 (to be subsequently superseded by the emerging Equalities Act 2010).

Urban design and residential extensions and alterations SPD

Urban design transcends arguments about the architectural style of individual buildings and focuses instead on our total surroundings and our experience of the three-dimensional built environment.

  • Urban design (4MB PDF file) - This aimed at larger development proposals, including housing schemes and other mixed use development

  • Residential extensions and alterations (3MB PDF file) -This provides design advice to householders wanting to extend or make changes to their home

Schedule of representations

Planning Obligations SPD (2017)

The Planning Obligations SPD (2017) was adopted on 16 May 2017. This revised document replaces the 2014 Planning Obligations SPD.

The SPD provides updated guidance for developers, applicants and landowners on planning obligations and Section 106 agreements and how these work alongside the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in securing the appropriate contributions required to support growth in Waltham Forest.

A copy of the SPD and further information can be found on the Planning Obligations page.

Hot food takeaway SPD

On 24 March 2009, the council adopted the hot food takeaway supplementary planning document (SPD).

It sets out the approach the council will take in considering planning applications for hot food takeaway uses in the borough. See Policy DM23 of the Development Management Policies DPD.

Affordable Housing and Viability SPD (2018)

The Affordable Housing and Viability SPD (2018) was adopted on 21st February 2018. The SPD provides detailed guidance on affordable housing and viability. The document provides further details on how the Council will take viability into account when considering planning applications and what supporting information applicants will be required to produce.

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Housing Delivery SPD – consultation closed (December 2015)

The council has prepared a draft housing delivery supplementary planning document (SPD) for public consultation.

It has been prepared to provide clarity to developers of the council’s approach to future housing developments in the borough.

The plan adds further detail to existing local plan policies regarding housing growth, affordable housing, housing type and tenure mix, development viability, and new housing products.

The SPD has currently been put on hold. This is awaiting the outcome of government proposed changes to the national planning policy framework, and forthcoming regulations in support of the Housing and Planning Act.

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