Students guide to post-16 qualification results: Summer 2020

30 July 2020


Town Hall

A guide for students receiving qualification results this summer has been produced by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual)

The guide outlines how results have been awarded this year and where to find more information:

  • How grading works this year for GCSE, AS and A level
  • Awarding vocational and technical qualifications
  • How results are calculated for VTQs
  • What to expect on results day
  • What to do if you’re unhappy with your results
  • The appeals process for GCSE, AS and A level
  • Appeals and complaints for VTQs
  • Autumn exam series for GCSE, AS and A level
  • Questions and answers
  • Where to find more support

British sign language BSL signed version

A BSL signed version of the guide is available, in 8 parts, on Ofqual’s YouTube channel