Step 6: my review


It is important that schools and colleges check that children and young people with education, health and care (EHC) plans are making progress. Your child's school will meet you and your child to talk about this. This meeting is called a review. Young people of 16 or over will have a similar review.

By law there should be a review at least once a year.

On this page you can find out who goes to the review and what happens.

Who goes to the review Click to get info

  • You and your child; or you, if you are a young person over 16
  • Other professionals involved with your child

The school or college will arrange the review.

It is the child or young person who is at the centre of this review.

The review will cover:

  • your child's views and goals
  • your child's progress
  • whether he or she is meeting the targets set out in the plan
  • any change in circumstances
  • whether anything in the plan needs to change
  • whether your child still needs a plan

And everyone who comes to the review will be asked about:

  • what they like and admire about your child
  • what is important to your child (what they enjoy) and for your child (good support)
  • what is and is not working for your child
  • your child's progress
  • any changes that may have affected your child
  • what your child hopes to achieve in the coming year

For young people aged 16 or over, the review will have the same structure.

The school or college writes a report and sends it to us, suggesting:

  • whether the plan needs to continue
  • goals for the coming year
  • any changes to the plan

If your child's plan needs to change we will contact you about changing the plan.

Changes in circumstances
If your or your child's circumstances change in a way which might affect his or her plan then you need to let your child's school or college know. You should also let us know.

If your child is in Year 5 or Year 9 then he or she may be due to change school. If your child is changing school there will be a special review to plan the move. Your child's school will let you know when this review will happen.

If your child has a statement of SEN or a learning difficulties assessment, it will change into an EHC plan.

We will make the change to EHC plans:

  • by April 2018 for statements
  • by September 2016 for learning difficulties assessments

We will do this as part of the review process. But we will look at some groups first, that is children with statements who are moving:

  • to a new school, for example in Year 6 to Year 7
  • to a new key stage, for example Year 9 to Year 10
  • from school to college

You can find more information in our transition plan (275KB pdf).

If you are unhappy with any decisions about your child's plan, you can appeal. To find out more, go to our appeals and complaints page.

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