Step 5: my budget


When we write your child’s education, health and care (EHC) plan, we will ask you whether you want a personal budget. Personal budgets can give you more choice and control over some of the services your child needs.

On this page you can find out about personal budgets, how they work and what you can use them for.

A personal budget is the total amount of money it will cost to meet the extra individual needs of a child or young person.

If your child has an EHC plan, or you are a young person with a plan, you can use part of the budget to buy some of the services set out in that plan.

The part of the budget you have control over can come from education, health and/or care services.

You don’t have to control part of your personal budget. If you are not sure whether you want to, you can talk to your special educational needs (SEN) officer, who will help you decide. He or she will do this when you write up your plan together.

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Depending on the types of service you need:

  • we can pay you cash directly and you can buy services yourself
  • we, or a school or college, can hold the money and buy services for you (for example speech and language therapy)
  • another organisation can hold the money and buy services for you (for example employing a care assistant)

You might use a combination of these ways, depending on your or your child’s needs.

You can use a personal budget for some education, health and care services, including:

  • a range of specialist services for social care such as short breaks
  • help with travel
  • continuing care

A personal budget does not include:

  • funding for a school place
  • support managed by a school out of its own budget, such as additional learning support for individuals or groups of pupils

For examples of how personal budgets work, go to the Kids website.

When we talk to you about choosing a personal budget we will estimate the amount of money it will cost to give your child the support set out in her or his EHC plan.

The personal budget must cover the cost of the services set out in the EHC plan.

Although the council and the health service currently use different systems to decide how much money to make available, this will change in time so we use the same system.

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