Step 4: my plan


If we decide that you or your child needs an education, health and care (EHC) plan, the next step is to write it. A special educational needs (SEN) officer will work with you or you and your child – using all the information collected from you and professionals during the assessment – to draft the plan.

On this page you can find out what the final plan must contain and the decisions you will need to make.

The plan should set out a child's or young person's:

  • views and hopes
  • special educational needs and/or disability and the special support to meet those needs
  • health needs and the health support to meet those needs
  • care needs and the care support to meet those needs
  • goals (what we call 'outcomes')

Our EHC plans put you or your child at the centre of the plan.

It should also include:

  • the type of early education 'setting' (that is nursery or pre-school), school or college
  • all the information collected during the assessment
  • information on types of payment, if you asked for a personal budget

Download an example of an EHC plan.pdf (1.2 MB)

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One of our SEN officers will meet you or you and your child to write your plan.

The officer will ask you:

  • to choose the nursery or school you wish your child to go to; or
  • if you are a young person over 16, the college you want to go to
  • whether you want a personal budget for any of the services listed in the plan. See step 5: my budget for more details

When you have done this, the officer will write up the plan with you and send it to all the people involved so that everyone can check it and comment on it. A copy of the plan will also go to the school or college you have chosen, as we will need to ask for their views on being named as your choice in the final plan.

Once the nursery, school or college agrees to take you or your child we will send you the final plan.

If there is any part of the final plan that you do not agree with, you can appeal. To find out about how to appeal, see our appeals and complaints page. 

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