Staying at home



Staying at home to comply with the national restrictions is likely to be difficult, for all sorts of reasons, for many of us. That’s why we’ve put together this online resource full of help, advice and ideas to make life easier.

Whether you live alone and are feeling lonely or you are getting on top of each other as a family, there’s plenty to do, learn and experience online.

We will keep updating the information below throughout the current period.

Waltham Forest Council offer library services online, meaning that you can access digital library resources from your own home. This includes newspapers, magazines, eBooks and audiobooks.

We are also running a book delivery service during the pandemic.

Find out more about library services and join for free

Eating well can be difficult when you can’t go shopping as often and there are shortages on what you can buy. On top of that, you may need to eat on a tight budget. During this time when access to fresh food can be difficult, don’t forget you can get your five a day from frozen, tinned or dried fruits and vegetables.

Start by checking out this advice about alternative foods when ingredients are hard to find.

Healthy eating ideas

Exercise and keeping fit Click to get info

At this time keeping active is not only good for keeping healthy but can help lift moods and spirits at this challenging time.

Sport England have compiled some handy exercise ideas that are out there for keeping active in and around your home.

And if you've found a great way to keep active at home, use the hashtag #StayInWorkOut on social media to share it with others.

Exercises for Adults

Start by checking out these NHS gym-free workouts

Key support resources

Exercises for children

While we are all staying at home, it is important that children still have opportunities to play.

Children can safely play at home, or outside in a private garden. Children can also play outdoors a maximum of once a day, as long as the space is local and uncrowded, and an adult is closely monitoring them.

Children from the same household can play together but must stay at least 2 metres apart from other children. At this time children should not play team games or share toys. Playgrounds will now be closed, but it is important to avoid other high-touch surfaces and children should wash their hands regularly. Unfortunately, indoor playdates are not safe at the moment.

Any children who should be self-isolating should not go outside beyond a private garden.

To get started, get your kids doing these Disney-themed 10 minute shake up games

Key support resources

Additional support resources

The first few years are the most important in your child's learning and development. As a parent or carer, you have the biggest influence during this time and there are several ways in which you can help with their early development.

Waltham Forest’s Early Years and Childcare Team has developed the Learning Together Project which has been created by qualified teachers and speech and language therapists. This project includes top tips on how you can help your children with their development through fun activities at home.

To get involved and start learning, take a look through The weekly activity cards

Mental health and wellbeing

Further help, support and advice on mental health and well being for adults and children can be found at:

Other fun ways to keep your mind active during this time include

Online learning

Whether you are keen to make the most of being stuck inside to expand your minds or a parent looking to use the time to give your children’s education a boost, there are lots of online resources to turn to.









Play and Learn



Online safety Click to get info

Whilst there are huge benefits to being online in order to stay connected to family and friends during this time, we know that many parents may feel concerned about the activities and content their children are accessing.

You can find below some resources, to help you understand online risks and how to keep your child (and yourself) safe online.

We know that many residents are worried about the future and about their jobs at this difficult time.

The experienced team at Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service can help you find and apply for a job. Want to improve your skills? Want to improve your skills? Explore our 2020-21 programme and enrol on a course with us.

Morgan Sindall Property Services and Aston Group, the two main contractors for Waltham Forest Council housing, are also offering support to make sure you are well prepared for your next employment opportunity.

Pre-employment training workshops

A range of virtual pre-employment training sessions aimed at helping Waltham Forest residents to promote progress towards meaningful employment.

Training sessions will be delivered virtually by Aston Group and Morgan Sindall employees using Skype or MS Teams, or via the telephone.

These can be delivered 1-2-1 or in groups, with time slots available through the day and on certain evenings. Training is free with no qualifications or experience needed, and sessions are open to all Waltham Forest residents.

Courses available?

  • CV Writing – We can help you refresh or create your CV, identifying & promoting your key skills
  • Mock Interviews & Job Interview Skills – Learn the best techniques for job interviews & practice within mock interviews
  • Job Search – Advice on where to look for jobs or help with completing job application forms

How to apply?

Complete the booking form

Once completed you will be contacted to discuss your requirements and book you onto a session.

If you have any questions or need support completing the form please email

Online training courses

Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service 

Trying to get a job? Improve your job skills or gain new accredited qualifications by enrolling on a Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service course.

You can also browse our jobs help page which has practical tips and support for Waltham Forest residents.

Get paid while you learn: we have a wide range of apprenticeship vacancies.

Need a mindful break? Explore our free creativity and wellbeing tips and activities.

How to apply

You can now enrol on courses for the new academic year. Please browse the 2020-21 prospectus and find out how to enrol on the Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service website.

Most of our courses are free or discounted depending on your circumstances. Our courses are open to adults aged 19 and older. You must also be resident in the UK for at least three years.

South Essex College Courses

These online courses are open to all Waltham Forest residents, so long as they are 19 and over and they have been resident in the UK for at least three years. All Applicants must achieve minimum of level 1 in an English assessment prior to course acceptance.

You do not have to be unemployed or a Waltham Forest Council tenant to apply.

Courses available

  • Improving personal exercise, health and nutrition
  • Lean organisation management techniques
  • Information, Advice and Guidance
  • Data protection and Data Security
  • Counselling skills
  • Caring for Children and young people

These free courses are all done on-line.

Students sign up for a course and they receive learning material to download and video tutorials to watch. Allowing students to complete the modules in their own time and pace.

These courses are accredited at Level 2, so you get a certificate and a useful addition to your CV and possibly an inroad into a new career. All courses are accredited at Level 2.

How to apply?

Email indicating that you are a Waltham Forest resident and which course you are interested in (see list above).

Learning Curve 

Morgan Sindall is also working with Learning Curve who offer a wide range of courses all at different levels, but which are all accredited.

Applicant must be 19+ and a UK resident for at least 3 years and to not have to be unemployed or a Waltham Forest Council tenant.

These free courses are all done on-line. Students sign up for a course and they receive learning material to download and video tutorials to watch. Allowing students to complete the modules in their own time and pace.

Some of the courses below include an expected duration, but the courses are all online and students can complete modules in their own time and pace.

These courses are accredited, so you get a certificate and useful addition to your CV and possibly an inroad into a new career.

Courses available

How to apply

Sign up for courses

Or for more information