Stay Safe. Test Regularly.

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Covid-19 is still with us. 

And, the more time people spend with others, the more we risk catching the virus and spreading it to others without knowing it.

We need to continue to work together to beat the virus.

You can make a difference in your community by being a responsible friend or neighbour and getting tested twice a week. Regular testing is one of the best ways to continue to do all the things we miss doing and getting back to a more normal life.

Every day someone like you is doing their part and getting tested!

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Help is available

If you test positive for Covid-19, you must stay at home to make sure you don’t spread the virus.

Self-isolating can be difficult but there is help if you need it.

  • £500 support payment if you cannot work: You might be able to get financial help if you will lose your income if you can’t work from home or because you have to take time off to look after a child who’s self-isolating.
  • Help getting food and prescriptions: Some volunteers can help you with ordering food or collecting your prescriptions for you.
  • Health and wellbeing advice: If you’re based in Waltham Forest and you’re worried or feeling anxious, or need help keeping fit, we can get you the support and advice you need.

If you need help while self-isolating, contact us right away - phone 020 8496 3000 (7am to 7pm every day).

Learn more about self-isolation support in Waltham Forest

Test your way


Getting into the habit of regular testing as part of our everyday lives will help us all to play our part and do what we can to protect each other. If you feel fine, here’s some of the ways you can take a test as part of your routine. You could take a test…

  • Before you leave home: Take a test in the morning before heading off to work or school, or taking public transport.
  • On your way home: Pop into a test site as part of your commute – they’re open everyday from morning to evening and you don’t have to book
  • On your lunch break: If you work at an education setting or for some employers that offer free rapid tests, why not find a good place to do a test?
  • Before you go to bed: You could round off your evening with a quick test after the kids have gone to bed

Find where to get rapid lateral flow tests to use at home

If you’ve had the vaccine, you still need to take a test


Vaccines have been shown to be extremely effective at preventing serious illness from Covid-19, but there is still a risk that you can catch the virus and pass it to other people.

Get tested regularly even if you feel fine because many people have Covid-19 without any symptoms.

If you have any Covid-19 symptoms – a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss or change of smell or taste – you still need to get tested.

If your test result is positive, you must still follow normal guidelines and self-isolate.

Peace of mind

Covid-19 may not make you feel sick at first, or you may not show any symptoms at all. You need to test regularly for Covid-19 to know for sure.

Taking care of you

Finding out early means you can quickly self-isolate, stop the virus from spreading, and get the care and help you need.

Keeping the economy going

Getting tested helps keep businesses open, economies running, all while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Keeping everyone safe

Two tests a week is a really easy way to help protect your community and your loved ones, especially vulnerable family members.

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If you don’t have Covid-19 symptoms, you need to get a rapid lateral flow test. You can take a test at a test centre or pick up free test kits at several Community Collect locations in the borough.

Find where to get rapid lateral flow tests

If you have Covid-19 symptoms – self-isolate immediately and get tested at a nearby PCR test site, or book a test online with NHS or by calling 119 (free from landlines and mobiles).

Book a PCR test

At Waltham Forest, our test centres are open every day from early morning until late in the evening and you don’t have to make an appointment.

Learn more about testing in Waltham Forest

As 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 do not have any symptoms, getting tested is vital to help stop the spread.

With Community Collect, taking your regular Covid-19 test is quick and easy – simply pick up free rapid test kits from various community venues in the borough. Test in the comfort of your home and in our own time!

Find where to get rapid lateral flow tests to use at home

What does testing at home involve?

  • Take a test twice a week, every 3 or 4 days – get a result in 30 minutes!
  • Report each result online as soon as possible, or call 119
  • If you test positive, get a follow-up PCR test within 48 hours to confirm – results can take up to 3 days as these tests are sent to a lab.

How to test at home Click to get info

Watch a brief guide of home testing by Shahid from the Migrant Training Centre:

Watch Dr Amir Khan demonstrate a step by step guide on how to test at home:

Watch more videos on testing.

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