Starting School Together

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Starting school is an important stage in a child's life. Supporting children to successfully transition to school helps them start positively on their next learning and development journey.

Schools, early years and childcare providers and families all have a part to play in helping children successfully transition to school. To achieve this in Waltham Forest we have created ‘Starting School Together’.

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Starting School Together is the Waltham Forest Early Years transition initiative that aims to ensure:

  • children and parents/carers experience a seamless transition from home or early year’s education into primary school.
  • Early Years and Childcare providers can embed effective transition practice so that children are ready for and make a smooth transition to school.
  • Schools and Early Years and Childcare providers work together to build robust and effective working relationships that support and create a seamless and consistent transition processes across the borough.
  • Waltham Forest’s families are informed and empowered on how to support their children to achieve a positive transition experience and continue to thrive in primary school.

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Waltham Forest’s Early Years and Childcare Team has developed the Learning Together Project which has been created by qualified teachers and speech and language therapists in partnership with Chit Chat Pitter Pat. This project is for parents/carers and their young children and includes simple and fun activities they can do together at home which can help children with their learning and development.

During the Summer Term, there is going to be school readiness information, activities and advice that parents/carers can access to help their child prepare for their next stage in learning at school.

All parents/carers can access this by following the

Practitioners should share this with their families and encourage them to join.

The All About Me transition document has been recently updated. The purpose of this document is for the child’s current early years provision to share information about each individual child – including their personality, their family information and their unique learning styles. Parents and carers will be asked by their child’s current early years provision for input in this document and permission to share the information with the child’s new school. The document should be completed by the child’s key person by the end of June.

The Early Years and Childcare team organise and facilitate ‘Transition Partnership Groups’ throughout the borough. The purpose of these groups will be to encourage schools and early years provision to work together to create a seamless transition for all children in their cluster within Waltham Forest. There is also targeted support to schools and early years provision who have identified any children with developmental delay or SEND.

If your child attending an early year’s provision outside of Waltham Forest and is due to start school in Waltham Forest, speak to your child’s key person to discuss the how they plan to support you and your child’s transition to school.