Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Service


SEND is the service for children and young people with special educational needs and/or learning disabilities aged 0 to 25 years.

The vision statement of the SEND is:

"To pursue excellence in our work with families with children and young people with SEND in a spirit of mutual co-operation; to support the improvement of the lives of children and young people and to enable them to reach their full potential"

The SEND consists of

  • A single front door for assessing need one point of access.
  • Two teams, North and South with two Group managers. Officers will maintain and develop their relationships with schools and other settings.
  • More Assessment Planning and Review officers (12) who will develop the key working role with families providing a single point of contact. This means an officer, will be assigned to a family and not a school.
  • 0-25 year service.
  • A team with Education, health and social care working together.

Who to contact Click to get info

Telephone: 0208 496 6503

Email: senteam@walthamforest.gov.uk

Group Managers: Will be responsible for North & South Locations and will manage and co-ordinate the strategic and operational day to day delivery of the service. Group managers will be accountable for the performance of the teams, ensuring that plans are produced to a high standard for quality within the set time-lines.

Team Leaders: Will be responsible for  the day to day managing of the team that deliver the co-ordination of the Education health and care plan as it is delivered across the geographical area.

Assessment, Planning and Review Officers (APRO): will be responsible for coordinating the Education Health and Care Plan leading the planning process, ensuring that it is person centred and providing the single point of contact.

Placements and Packages Team Leader:  Responsible for co-ordinating the delivery of the cost packages for children and young people in all settings.

Finance and Provision Officer: responsible for making sure settings receive their payments in a timely fashion.

Client Relationship Officer: responsible for developing the relationship between the council and families receiving assistance with travel.

Finance and Client Relationship Officer: responsible for developing  the relationship between the Council and families receiving direct payments and short break support.

Early Years SEND Home Visitor: Responsible for visiting families at home to support with signposting to services and supporting families in developing their understanding in helping their children develop.

Area SENCO: Responsible for making sure that early years settings are able to meet the needs of children with Special educational needs and disabilities.

Social Worker: responsible for; child and family assessments, social work transition assessments and adult assessments from age 18-25.

Senior Occupational Therapists: responsible for allocating cases to OT and provide clinical supervision as well as reviewing equipment needs and access issues. Occupational Therapists: responsible for reviewing equipment needs and access issues.

Where to go Click to get info

Wood Street Health Centre
6 Linford Road

E17 3LA

Nearest Station is Wood Street. Pay and display parking is available opposite