South Chingford Community Library

Mother and young child look at books on the library shelf


South Chingford Community Library (SCCL) is a volunteer-run local library and a registered charity.

Opening hours

Monday - 10am to 6pm
Tuesday - 10am to 4pm
Wednesday - 10am to 4pm
Thursday - 10am to 4pm
Friday - closed
Saturday - 10am to 4pm
Sunday - closed

Contact us

South Chingford Community Library
265 Chingford Mount Road
E4 8LP

Tel: 020 8529 3035

As a community- run library, members pay a nominal fee to use the library’s services.

Membership fees


  • bronze membership £1.00 (renewable annual payment)  
  • silver membership £5.00 (lasts for seven years)
  • gold membership £10.00 (lifetime membership)

Children (under 18 years of age): 

  • 50p (renewable annually)

If you want to:

  • join the library
  • search the library catalogue
  • renew or reserve library items
  • find out about library news and events

visit the South Chingford Community Library website for further information and instructions

Facilities and events Click to get info

As with all libraries now, SCCL is much more than just a place where members borrow books. Facilities include a PC suite with office software, internet access, copying, printing, scanning, and laminating facilities, and rooms for hire.

A wide range of regular events now takes place in the library, including a thriving community job club, which has assisted several people to find paid work. There are ESOL classes, adult literacy classes, games afternoons, French and Spanish language classes, knitting groups, beginners' computer classes for all age groups, and a creative writing group.

Ward events are also hosted, including Valley ward safer neighbourhood police surgeries, and councillor surgeries, and combined Larkswood/Valley ward forum meetings. Special half-term events for children have been run, and dinners for the elderly provided on a day during the Christmas/New Year period.  

Currently, there are several hundred members, about 60 active volunteers, and around 9000 books for loan in the library catalogue. 

New volunteers are always welcome to help support, maintain, and expand the operation of the library.

For further details, visit the SCCL website

History and story Click to get info

SCCL first opened its doors to the public in April 2012, following the closure of the South Chingford Branch library in December 2011.

The initial small group of enthusiastic, hard-working volunteers was assisted by the Council council with the supply of shelving and some 8000 books from the old library, in addition to computers. Funding was also provided by Valley and Larkswood Wards to defray the initial expenses.

Being an independent community library, the organisation is self-funded, relying on donations, and funds generated via the successful application for grants. For this reason, membership of the library is subscription-based, and revenue is also generated via the sale of books not considered suitable for placing on the shelves. The library achieved charitable status in September 2013.