Social care


There are a range of social care services available in the Local Offer for young people aged 0 to 26.

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If you feel that you need help caring for your child, or if you are concerned about the welfare or safety of a child you will need to contact Children’s Early Help Social Care Services. The way that you do this is the same for disabled and non disabled children.

All Referrals to Children’s Social Care are first dealt with by the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

Waltham Forest Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub consists of professionals from Children’s Services, Health, Education, Police, Probation, Housing, Early Help Service, Youth Offending and London Victim Support. This means that joint decisions can be easily made about how best to meet a child’s needs (see below for thresholds)

Waltham Forest Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub is based at:

Juniper House
221 Hoe Street
E17 9PH

Telephone: 020 8496 2310
(Monday to Thursday 9am to 5.15pm and Friday 9am to 5pm)

Out of hours telephone : 020 8496 3000



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The SEND team provides specialist children’s social care services for disabled children who have been diagnosed with profound and substantial disabilities that have a significant impact on their daily living.

The team will work with special schools, specialist health services at Wood Street Health Centre and all other agencies who are involved in supporting disabled children and their families.

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Before deciding whether an assessment by the Disability Enablement Service is needed children’s social care will consider whether the best way to help will be through universal services e.g. schools, nursery’s, GP's etc

This could also be through an Early Help Assessment where the Early Help Service will ensure that everyone involved with your child, such as teachers and health visitors, works together to support your child.

Children’s Social Care use a four staged model of intervention as a way of finding the best way to help families.

You can find detailed information regarding thresholds for children’s social care by clicking on the below link.

Download the Early Help and Threshold Criteria for Early Intervention.pdf

An adult caring for a disabled child can get support through children’s services. This is usually the best way to meet their needs and so they are not covered by this Act. However, there is provision in the Act for an adult carer of a disabled child to ask for an assessment of their caring needs in advance of the child reaching 18.

All requests for carers assessments will need to be made through the MASH.

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Please also read the Short Breaks Section of the Local Offer which gives more information about the support you may be entitled to.

The Early Help Service works in partnership with other professionals, parents and carers to intervene early when families need more support. The aim is to address problems at the earliest opportunity - before they can escalate - and to enable families to support their children to reach their full potential.

Early intervention may occur at any point. The Early Help approach is underpinned by an Early Help assessment and a team around the family meeting. Early Help supports families with children and young people aged 0 to 19 and up to 25 with a disability.

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Growing up can seem scary, the SEND team help to ease the journey of young people from Children Services to Adult Services.  Once we receive a referral, a social worker will conduct an assessment,  they will ensure suitable provision is made available.

Our aim is to ensure that every young person in education with a Special Education Need has support in place, advice, guidance and information before they become an adult. This support could be to access services in the community, to live and become more independent, have access to day opportunities, domiciliary care, travel assistance, respite care, education and support to go into employment. The SEND service will support and empower you every step of the way. 

Offering and Conducting Carers Assessments

This gives parents/carers the receive the necessary   support in order to look after their child and young people or other family members;

Gathering Information

In order to find the right provision they research into different services that can support the young person and their family.

Facilitate the service provision

Once they have found a provision that is suitable for the carer and their needs, then ensure this is accessible to carers which can include a referral and in some cases securing funding for specific services. This means that they need to make sure that they have all necessary information to do so. Services can include Carers Groups, Take a Break, Direct Payments, Accommodation Respite.