Search for planning applications

Planning and building control


Our planning register is an online tool which you can use to search for current and past planning applications, dating back to the early 2000's. When you've found the application you want, you can download and save any of the related drawings and documents.

Search for planning applications

To view all new planning applications, see our weekly list of planning applications.

To check if a property was given, or denied planning permission, you'll need to check our online planning register. This contains a record of all the planning applications and decisions attached to a property. It also contains all the associated drawings and documents, which you can download.

Check a property's planning history online

If you need details of an application submitted prior to  the early 2000's, you will need to request us to check our paper records which go back to 1 July 1948. 

Please email, telling us the address of the site you want to know about. There is a fee of £65 per hour plus VAT for this.


The original planning permission might have a list of conditions requiring the applicant to submit additional information.

If you want to see if these conditions have been discharged (this means if they were 'signed-off' by us), please check the planning register. For older applications, you can email us at the address in the section above. The same fee will apply.

Please note, if you need historic records relating to Council Tax and Business Rates, these can be found on the Valuation Office Agency website.