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When the status of a school is shown as 'not known', it means that we have not been notified by that school of any closure / issues. Please contact the school directly for information on whether they will be opening.

Only closures / issues that the Council have been notified of are published on this web page.

For further information, please contact your child's school directly if you have any questions about any school closure.

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This list is in alphabetical order.

  • Burnside Secondary: Key stage 3 and 4 PRU: 
    Burnside Secondary PRU, Burnside Avenue,
    Chingford E4 8YJ
    Tel: 020 84961962
  • Forest College Pathways
    18A Orford Road, Walthamstow E17 9LN
    Tel: 020 8503 7582
  • Hawkswood Primary PRU:
    Antlers Hill, Chingford E4 7RT
    Tel: 020 8524 8239

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In the event of severe weather head teachers have been asked to ensure information is available by phone, text or on the school's website.

Schools should remain open whenever possible. Decisions on whether an individual school stays open during bad weather conditions will be taken by the Headteacher after carrying out a risk assessment.

In the event of snow, if your child is taken to school on a vehicle arranged by the local authority please note:

  • If all roads are covered in snow there will be no school transport and the special schools will not be open
  • If the main roads are cleared but the side roads are not cleared it is unlikely that transport will be running, CT Plus will do their best to let you know on the day or telephone them on 020 8509 9140
  • If all the roads are clear and transport is able to run please check that the schools are open:
  • Brookfield House will have a message on their website to inform parents
  • Joseph Clarke School ask that parents ring the school each morning on 020 8523 4833 or check this web page for updates with regard to the school closing
  • Whitefield School will text message all parents if they have a mobile number or if not they will telephone parents
  • William Morris School ask that parents ring the school 020 8503 2225 
  • If you take your own child to school or they use public transport please check that your school is open

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