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Due to a system upgrade from the 30 August 2021 we will only be able to process the following personal search requests.

  • J,K and L
  • J,K ,L and 3.8
  • J,K L and 3.7

No other variations of personal searches will be accepted as the new system does not allow for any other requests beyond what has been outlined above.

Individual requests for CIL questions WILL NO LONGER be possible. To acquire the results for CIL questions, a request for a CON29 will need to be submitted , the same will also apply for responses to Q22.

Please note that the above changes will take place from 30 August 2021.

A local land charge is a restriction on a piece of land or property that can limit its use or bind the owner to a payment of a sum of money.

Land charges can be attached to land or property because of:

  • road decisions
  • planning decisions
  • tree preservation orders

They may also be attached due to roads and public rights of way, outstanding notices and assets of community value, contaminated land, plus many other reasons.

As part of the conveyancing process, you will need a Local Land Charges search.

Types of search

There are two main types of search:

  1. Full or ‘official’ search – this is carried out by us
  2. Personal search – this is carried out by a personal search agent, instructed by you

Full, or 'official' search

We carry out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975. We are able to collect complete and comprehensive information from lots of different departments including planning and building control and bring it together.

A full search is made up of two searches:

  • Local land charges search (form LLC1) This is a search of the Local Land Charges Register. It shows any charges affecting the land or property, such as planning decisions and tree preservation orders, and details of any money owed to the council by previous owners.
  • Local authority search (form CON29) This search reveals any planning, highway or environmental issues that either affect the land or property now, or could affect it in the future. It includes an optional section (form CON29O) which covers any common land enquiries such as public paths and pollution orders. The majority of the information comes from other departments within the council.

Personal search

A personal search is a inspection of the local land charges register. It is normally carried out by a personal search agent acting on behalf of a third party for the potential buyer.

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How to request a search Click to get info

You can request a search through us, or through the National Land Information Service (NLIS) website

For a full search

  1. Use forms LLC1 and CON29, which you can download from the Law Society website
  2. Email your LLC1 and CON29 forms to us at
  3. Make your payment using this online form

Pay for searches

Due to an increase in search requests we are currently taking 25 working days to complete applications, we ask that you do not email or call us to chase until this time has lapsed.

We acknowledge the importance of land searches and we’re working hard to get things running again as soon as possible.

For a personal search

  1. Email us at and tell us the address you want searched
  2. Make your payment using this online form


Cost Click to get info

Search type

Current fees

(inc VAT)

Fees from 6 April 2020

(inc VAT)

Full Search (LLC1 + CON29)




£24 (No VAT is added to this fee)

£24 (No VAT is added to this fee)




Individual CON290 questions


£30 (No charge for Q.22)

Solicitors additional questions 



Extra parcel of land (LLC1 +CON29)



Personal search CON29 questions



Personal search CON29 additional parcel


£4.80 (No VAT is added to this fee)


Further Information Click to get info

Cancellation Policy

Please send an email to with the subject line as ‘Search Cancellation’ no later than 3pm on the day the search is submitted. Any time after this may result in no refund being offered as the search would have been underway.

Drainage Enquiries

If your enquiry relates to the property being connected to a public water supply or sewer please contact Thames Water Property Searches,

Land Ownership and boundary lines

If your enquiry relates to ownership or boundary lines, private covenants, restrictions on land or a title search please contact Land Registry

Highways Search 

A highways search can show whether a road or path is a public highway, adopted and maintained at public expense. See our Highways search and adoption of roads webpage.

Planning Documents

A full planning history can be provided subject to a minimum fee of £50 research. Depending on the size and complexity of a site, research typically takes between half an hour to an hour to complete.

For any questions about documents please complete our online form.

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