Report a missed bin collection



If your rubbish or recycling bin has not been collected on the day it should be, please report a missed bin collection.

When can I report a missed bin collection?

Type of property When to report a missed collection If it's more than three days later...
Properties with wheelie bins After 10pm on collection day - and up to three days later Please wait for your next collection
Flats with communal bins After 10pm on collection day - and up to three days later Please wait for your next collection
Flats above shops (no bins) After 11am on collection day  

Report a missed bin collection

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Check your bin collection day

Your bin collection depends on what type of property you live in:

  • if you live in a household with wheelie bins, or a flat with communal bins - use our online checker 
  • if you live in a flat above a shop - collections are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6am and 9am
Bin colour and type Contents Collections
Black wheelie bin Refuse Weekly
Green wheelie bin Recycling Weekly
Brown wheelie bin Food and garden waste Fortnightly
Communal black bin Refuse Weekly
Communal green bin Recycling Weekly
Communal grey bin Food waste Fortnightly

If you’ve already reported a missed bin collection, more than one day ago, and it still hasn't been collected, please report it again. Our system will recognise it's your second report and will mark it as a priority.

Please note, missed bin collections can only be reported and escalated up to 3 days after the scheduled bin collection day. 

There are several reasons why your bin might not have been collected on the scheduled collection day. We will try to collect it the next day if possible, if collection has been affected by:

  • severe weather conditions
  • restricted access
  • roadworks
  • vehicle breakdown

Other reasons for missed collection could be:

  • wrong items in the recycling bin - we call this 'contamination'. We’ll usually put a sticker on your bin to let you know this is the reason. Please remove items that shouldn’t be in there - find out what goes in each bin
  • extra refuse bags not fitting in black refuse bins - ensure all non-recyclable rubbish is inside the black bin, we don’t collect bags left by the side of the bin
  • access to bins blocked (such as vehicles, furniture or building materials in the way) -  ensure the collection crew have access to your bins on the scheduled collection day