Register as a food business


Who needs to register? Click to get info

Anyone starting a food business or taking over an existing food business must register with our Food Safety Team at least 28 days before opening a new food business or taking over an existing food business. This applies whether the business is for profit or not and whether it is public or private.

Examples of food businesses that need to register are:

  • restaurants, cafes, hotels, guest houses, luncheon clubs, home caterers, caterers for outside events
  • shops and supermarkets
  • warehouses distributing food or drink
  • market stalls and mobile food units/vehicles

Food businesses that need approval

Certain types of businesses will need to be approved before they begin operating. These are businesses producing:

  • meat products and meat preparations
  • egg products
  • milk and milk products
  • fish and fish products

When can I begin trading? Click to get info

You can begin trading when your application to register has been received by the Food Safety Team. If you want to manufacture certain types of food or packed food, you may need to be approved to obtain an identification mark.

We will enter the details on our public register. The register contains the name of the food business operator, the name of the business, the address of the business and the type of food business. Records of the other information provided in the application will not be publicly available, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Act 1998.