Regeneration: Whipps Cross Hospital Development

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Barts Health NHS Trust is looking at ways to improve the safety, care and experience of patients for years to come, with a brand-new hospital at the heart of a vibrant new community.

The Government announced on Sunday 29 September 2019 that it will invest in a new hospital at Whipps Cross.

The Barts Health NHS Trust site is one of six hospitals to benefit from £2.7billion of funding over the next five years, as part of a new ‘health infrastructure programme.’

Read the full statement from Barts NHS Trust.

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The NHS Trust is looking at how the whole site could be developed in future, to provide a new hospital, car parking and much-needed homes, along with areas which are likely to comprise commercial, other health and social care uses and leisure facilities.

Barts Health Trust is now seeking views on three potential locations on the existing hospital site, which are outlined in a high-level ‘masterplan’ drawn up for the trust and local authority. Each option includes new Accident and Emergency and maternity units, some medium- and high-rise construction, possibly up to 12 storeys, and a multi-storey car park to replace existing provision.

The historic towers of the original Victorian hospital buildings would be part of the land released for development.

See the Barts Health Trust masterplan for Whipps Cross Hospital 

Barts Health NHS Trust has published, Building a Brighter Future for Whipps Cross. This sets the masterplan options in the broader context of the redevelopment programme.

Comment on the proposals by completing this questionnaire

Barts NHS Trust made an application for prior approval to demolish disused buildings on the site of the old nurse’s accommodation at Whipps Cross Hospital, which supports the proposed redevelopment of the Whipps Cross site. This application was validated on Tuesday 30 June 2020.

The Government has given rights for the demolition of buildings without full planning permission, however, in most circumstances prior to demolition of buildings the owner must ask the Council to decide if prior approval is required for the method of demolition and proposed restoration of the site.

These are the only factors that the Council can consider. The Council must make a decision within 28 days.

Details of the application, reference number 201548 can be seen on the Council's web page. Planning permission for the demolition was approved and work is due to start during October 2020

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Whipps Cross is one of six new hospitals planned by the National Health Service.

On Friday 4 September 2020 the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care approved the Strategic Outline Case (SOC).

Thursday 15 October 2020: Barts NHS Health Trust holding virtual information event for Waltham Forest residents. Register for this event

The next stage is for the Trust to develop a Business Outline Case (BOC) which will provide more detail of plans to improve health and care services for the local population, design a new hospital building that is fit for purpose and develop the site for the local community.

The Trust has printed a one-page summary of its Vision for the future.

The next stage is for the Trust to develop its Outline Business Case (OBC), which will provide more detail of plans to improve health and care services for the local population, design a new hospital building that is fit for purpose and develop the site for the local community

As well as delivering newsletters digitally and through letter boxes Barts NHS Trust has drawn together representatives from the streets near the hospital to form a Residents’ Forum.

Forum members receive regular briefings from the Trust about the redeveloping so they can share that information and share with the Trust the views of residents.

In addition, this autumn will see some virtual engagement meetings where the hospital redevelopment team will share their views and invite comments from residents.

When a Planning Application is submitted, and validated Waltham Forest Council’s Planning Services will run the usual statutory consultation to gather the views of residents on the proposals.

Details will be included in future newsletters so please do encourage friends, neighbours and relatives to sign up to receive their copies.

The NHS Trust’s public engagement about the redevelopment work during 2019 included meetings with representatives of 80 community groups, speaking to more than 700 people about what matters to them in relation to the redevelopment, meetings with patients’ representative groups, including the hospital’s Patients’ Panel, and the establishment of a Community Engagement Action Group.

Barts NHS Trust is holding three discussions events in December 2020 regarding the emerging designs for the new Whipps Cross Hospital. They are on:

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Whipps Cross Hospital Redevelopment Team
Waltham Forest Council’s Stakeholder Relations and Community Engagement Manager, Keith Brown