Regeneration: New Spitalfields Market, Leyton



New Spitalfields Market is the largest fruit, vegetable and flower market in the UK.

Originally opening in the 13th century next to St Mary Spittel Church in the Square Mile, the market relocated to Leyton in the early 1990s.

The Leyton site does not meet the needs of a modern market due to lack of storage and display space for products as well as outdated buildings.

There are no delivery or unloading bays and the market has operating challenges including conflicts between pedestrians and forklift trucks, which drive through the main market floor.

What is planned?

The City of London Corporation has decided to co-locate all three of its wholesale markets (Billingsgate, New Spitalfields and Smithfield) to a site at Dagenham Dock.

The future of the Leyton site is likely to include:

  • A mixed use residential development to provide new homes for local people
  • Commercial space for creative industries to support local firms and provide employment for local people

In order to realise the full benefits of this opportunity for the borough, we havecommissioned Gort Scott to create a detailed urban design strategy and development framework for the New Spitalfields and Leyton Mills area of the borough.

For more information please see Regeneration: Leyton Mills Development Framework

What happens when?

  • It is hoped to complete the new market site at Dagenham Dock by 2026/7 after which New Spitalfields Market site would become available for regeneration.
  • June 2020: City of London Corporation held an online public consultation January to March 2021: Leyton Mills Urban Design Strategy produced
  • April to July 2021: Leyton Mills Development Framework produced including public engagement
  • 2026/7: It is hoped the new market site at Dagenham Dock will be complete after which New Spitalfields Market site would become available for regeneration.

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