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The plans to redevelop the Mall in the heart of Walthamstow were approved by Waltham Forest Council Planning Committee in December. 

The decision was agreed by the Mayor of London in March 2018.

The development will bring significant investment and opportunity to businesses and residents alike.

This approved scheme would bring £200 million of private investment, provide 8,000 sq metres of new retail space, 350 new permanent retail jobs, 500 new homes, a new children’s play area and re-landscaped town square.

New Planning Applications

Capital and Regional, which owns The Mall shopping centre in Walthamstow, has submitted two new planning applications for works at The Mall. These applications would replace the planning permission granted on Wednesday 11 July 2018, with the approval of the Mayor of London.  The applications were referred to the Mayor of London on Friday 9 October 2020.

These new applications build on the previous planning permission by taking on board a lot of changes requested by local residents and the Council.

The developers are working with the Council to maximise the amount of affordable housing generated by the scheme.

Application reference number 202491 is for:

  • partial demolition of The Mall
  • construction of two buildings extending to 34 and 26 storeys with podium and rooftop plant, providing 538 residential units
  • extension of the existing retail to provide an additional
    • 2,751 sqm of retail floorspace
    • 1,205 sqm of food and beverage floorspace
    • 439 sqm flexible retail / business / community floorspace
  • re-design of the Town Square, including keeping the Lime tree avenue
  • children’s play area
  • creation of new retail entrance
  • facilitation of new London Underground station entrance
  • associated landscaping improvements
  • communal amenity space
  • improvements to public areas
  • car parking
  • servicing improvements
  • refuse and cycle storage and
  • other associated works.

Download the statutory planning consultation letter for application 202491

See details of the application and share your views

Application reference number 202489 is for:

  • provision of a new London Underground operational railway station box with new underground connection to London Underground platforms*
  • associated ancillary works and structures.

* this will provide an underground box to provide improved access to tube station platforms.

Download the statutory planning consultation letter for application 202489

See details of the application and share your views 

The application will need to be referred to the Mayor of London for consideration. Further details are available on the Mayor of London’s website

From Monday 5 October 2020, details of the Planning Application can be viewed from the web page

Walthamstow Mall: Saving the Avenue of Lime trees

The Council has been working extensively with Transport for London (TfL) and the owners of the site, Capital and Regional (C&R), on finalising proposals for the redevelopment of the Mall.
Following ongoing discussions and listening to feedback from residents, C & R’s planning application has been reviewed and amended so the majority of the lime trees in the avenue are retained. Waltham Forest Council is committed to ensuring the new development meets the highest environmental standards.

The planning proposals include a new TfL design for the station with a second entrance to Walthamstow Central station from the Mall. The new designs will be available for the public to see in the new year.

New Shopping Mall

The Mall will bring 8,000 sq metres of new retail space

The new Mall will deliver shopping units designed for major retailers alongside small local independent stores.

Redeveloping the Mall will give residents the choice of shopping locally, rather than travelling to shopping areas in Stratford and further afield.

The plans for an increase in retail businesses at the Mall will create 350 new permanent jobs in the area.

New Town Square

The current Town Square is not fit for purpose. It is outdated, badly designed and a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

The new Town Square will have an increased number of trees and be designed to create a space better suited for outdoor events.  Waltham Forest Council has agreed that for every tree removed from the site five more will be planted elsewhere in the Borough, to help the Council reach 50,000 trees in the borough.

The new children’s play area will be built taking in the views of the Kids Committee made up of local families in Walthamstow.

New Jobs

The scheme will create 350 new permanent retail jobs.

When construction is taking place there will be around 500 jobs created, including some apprenticeships.

Disruption to the Mall and the Station

We expect both the shopping centre and the station to remain open during the development of these new facilities.

Closing them would involve huge disruption to many people. Although this presents challenges during construction, we are confident any disruption will be minimal.

Who is Capital and Regional?

Capital and Regional has owned the Mall shopping centre in Walthamstow for more than 20 years.

Engagement events

Capital and Regional held two drop-in engagement events to share updated details of The Mall proposals at 202 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4BS from on Friday 25 October and Saturday 26 October 2019.

The consultation closed on Sunday 17 November 2019.

Download the exhibition boards from these events.

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Waltham Forest Council’s Stakeholder Relations and Community Engagement Manager, Keith Brown

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