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The Council, in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA), is starting to prepare the Lea Bridge Gateway Masterplan to manage change in this industrial area, which is a vital part of the local and London-wide economy and is identified in planning policy as Strategic Industrial Land (SIL).

The map below shows the areas covered by the Lea Bridge Gateway Masterplan​

""The area includes around 321 businesses, which provide around 2,900 jobs, spread across four sites. It provides a broad range of valuable and valued businesses that we want to retain and support in the borough. They are providing much needed jobs and activities as well as paying business rates that support other essential services.

Lea Bridge’s strength is in its diversity – from large bakeries, to performance training to car repairs, clothing – creating a vibrant and successful employment location which enables people from all walks of life to work in the borough.

Despite its success as an employment location, Lea Bridge Gateway isn’t immune to the wider forces influencing London. Over the years, there has been mounting interest from developers who have made, and are making, approaches and offers to buy land in the area.

In some areas change is already underway, with residential developments coming forward nearby and different types of businesses locating here increasing the diversity.

The pressure on London to deliver more housing and, at the same time, to protect and create employment is unrelenting. With its good connectivity Lea Bridge is an area of focus for accommodating the housing needed in the borough over the next 20+ years. The Mayor of London has set a target of 18,000 new homes being built in the borough during the next 10 years.

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During late 2019 make:good, as part of the Design Team commissioned by the Council has had  one to one meetings with businesses and were visiting the industrial estates to gather your views, priorities and ideas for the Masterplan.

A Business Workshop was held on Monday 20 January 2020 at Turning Earth Leyton where the Masterplanning team presented back on conversations with businesses, talk through the first stage of the Masterplan and gather more of your feedback and priorities.

Thank you to the businesses and landowners who attended one of the previous workshops and/or have filled out our online survey.

At the second workshop in January 2020, the design team presented the feedback received so far and their recommended sub areas for stage 2 of the masterplan.

Read details of the feedback 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the next stage of the masterplan and engagement with businesses and landowners was paused in March.

During August and September 2020 , we began conversations with businesses in order to understand their current circumstances, what support can be provided and develop the best ways to continue conversations about the future of the Lea Bridge Gateway and the emerging Masterplan.

There are currently around 244 businesses using 306 premises and providing an estimated 1,970 jobs on this estate.
The Argall BID (Business Improvement District) represents businesses on this estate.

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There are currently around 55 businesses occupying 59 premises and providing an estimated 230 jobs on this estate.

There are four businesses using four premises and providing an estimated 260 jobs on this estate.

There are currently around 18 businesses using 23 premises and providing an estimated 440 jobs on this estate.

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The Council will be working closely with the GLA and undertaking this work in accordance with the GLA’s draft planning practice note on ‘Industrial intensification and co-location through plan-led and Masterplan approaches’ and policies E4-E7 in the draft new London Plan.

In accordance with the GLA’s practice note this Masterplan commission will be in two stages:

Stage 1 will examine the whole of the Lea Bridge Gateway SIL and test whether development in the area could be intensified to deliver the same amount of employment and industrial space but with new homes (where appropriate) and community facilities in specifically identified locations to ensure Lea Bridge Gateway is a great place to live and work.

Stage 2 will be a detailed analysis and masterplan of the sub-area(s) selected in Stage1.

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The Council as planning authority and the Greater London Authority (GLA) are the only parties who can approve change at the Lea Bridge Gateway, and the Council has appointed an experienced technical team to lead on the design of the masterplan.

Avison Young and Maccreanor Lavington have been appointed by Waltham Forest Council to lead the Lea Bridge Industrial masterplan which will take a pioneering employment-led approach to redevelopment.

Avison Young and Maccreanor Lavington will be supported by a number of specialists including Civic Engineers for transport strategies, Architecture 00 for workplace design, Useful Projects for engineering and sustainability and UMC for industrial space design and make:good are leading on engagement.

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  • October 2019: Engagement with businesses begins
  • Between November 2019 and January 2020: engagement events to view and comment on the draft masterplan proposals will be held
  • Early summer 2020: Stage 1 draft masterplan submitted to GLA for approval
  • Autumn 2020: Engagement on Stage 2 masterplan
  • Early 2021: Stage 2 masterplan submitted to GLA for approval

Greater Anglia is investing in new trains which are expected to start serving Lea Bridge Station during 2021.

The new trains Class 720 Aventra trains will be five carriages long and have around 540 seats which is around 318 more seats per train than the four carriage Class 317 trains currently running on this line.

Watch the new features unveiled on Greater Anglia's new Bombardier trains on YouTube.

Lea Bridge Regeneration Workshop

A workshop with Lea Bridge residents was held on Tuesday 3 March 2020 to discuss concerns raised by residents.

Notes from Lea Bridge Community Engagement workshop

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