Regeneration: Langthorne Park

Langthorne Park Pavilion



Langthorne Park was opened on Saturday 17 June 2000.

The site acquired by Waltham Forest Council in 1996 for the Langthorne Park development.

The park features a number of specially commissioned art features enhancing both the physical environment of the park as well as providing visual representations of the site's long history.

What is proposed?

For much of the year Langthorne Park Pavilion was underutilised.

A small office located at the entrance of the pavilion was used daily by the Park Keeper and there are some activities held throughout the year by the Friends of Langthorne Park, which required use of the pavilion including a Christmas dinner for elderly residents, and the very popular annual ‘roller disco.’

We invited expressions of interest from the local community to help us to make better use of Langthorne Park Pavilion and amphitheatre.

We were looking for an organisation that has the enthusiasm, ideas and commitment to bring the pavilion back into full use, regaining its rightful position as a central hub in the community.

In January 2020 The Toy Library was appointed. Redecoration work will now take place ready for The Toy Library to start running the pavilion from summer 2020.

Art work has been commissioned and installed on the gates at Langthorne Park as part of a programme oif investment in South Leytonstone.

What happens when?

  • Friday 26 July 2019: deadline for submissions of expressions of interest
  • August 2019: Shortlisting, strongest candidates invited to meet with the council
  • October 2019: submission of business plan with costings, and projected budget
  • January 2020: The Toy Library selected as community partner
  • July 2020: Artwork installed on gates
  • Autumn 2020: Restoration of Pavilion including decorating
  • Spring 2021: Pavilion opens to the public


The Toy Library welcomed volunteers for a Langthorne Park Pavilion Clean Up Day on Saturday 22 February 2020


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