Regeneration: Chingford Mount Town Centre



Chingford Mount has been selected as a pilot area to create a local ‘town centre framework’.

The aim of the Chingford Mount town centre framework is to support the area to grow, adapt and thrive in the coming years responding to the unique local economy, character and heritage of the place in line with the aspirations of local people.

The aim is to develop an approach we can use in other town centres.


In February 2020, the Regeneration Team undertook an online survey in February about the future of Town Centres in North Waltham Forest.

We received more than 1,500 responses, with nearly 400 from Chingford Mount. The survey was online, but we also visited the town centre and spoke to local stakeholders and people on the street during the three week period.

The survey received 381 responses and respondents said they liked that the town centre is familiar, affordable and has a strong sense of community.

In terms of things that could be improved, the key points respondents raised were:

  • Diversification of types of shops and businesses including new workspace and activating vacant shops
  • Public and open spaces – more greening and better signposting to green spaces like the cemetery and Memorial Park
  • Cultural and community uses and support for boosting the evening economy
  • Town centre events - More events and promotion of the town centre and an enhanced market offer
  • Traffic and pollution - reduce the impact of traffic and make the town centre a more welcoming environment
  • Celebration of diversity and promote social integration – particularly older people and young people
  • More dedicated spaces and activities for young people
  • Support between businesses e.g. a local business network or Town Team

What do you think should happen?

We are keen that local residents, businesses, stakeholders and community groups feed into this process to guide and shape a vision for the future of Chingford Mount town centre. This next survey is the first step in this process.

See the Chingford Mount Town Centre Exhibition Boards

Tell us your views and how you can help

Following input from this survey and the Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations document consultation taking place in Autumn 2020, we plan to share more developed proposals for the town centre in early 2021.

We also received a lot of interest from community organisations looking for volunteers and residents wanting to taking more of an active role in supporting the town centre themselves, e.g. volunteering.

Therefore, we are keen that the framework builds in possibilities for community- led regeneration, for example setting up a Town Team. If you are interested in being involved let us know at the end of the survey.

Waltham Forest Action Plan

Since the first survey was completed the world has been hit by a global pandemic with unprecedented impacts on the way we use and think about high streets and local neighbourhoods, both in terms of challenges ahead and new opportunities to initiate positive change.

During that time, and up until now, the Council has been working through the stages of its borough wide Waltham Forest High Streets Action Plan.

Specifically in Chingford Mount town centre, the Council has been supporting the high street to reopen and minimise the impact of Covid 19 in the following ways:

  • Engaged with businesses in Chingford Mount to understand what support they need in order to recover and re-open
  • Administered Government grants in support of businesses
  • Supported the Chingford Mount Market to re-open
  • Discussed temporary outdoor trading and seating opportunities with businesses in Chingford Mount
  • Refurbished the entrance to Memorial Park, with resurfacing to follow
  • Engaged with internal colleagues on positive signposting for young people in the area
  • Facilitated the set-up of an Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Action group to tackle ASB in Albert Crescent
  • Offered one-to-one business support and seminars to local businesses as part of support programme from Save The High Street

Keeping you informed

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More information is available from:

  • Waltham Forest Council’s Regeneration Project Manager, Yoana Tulumbadzhieva.