Regeneration: 37 Sutherland Road, Former Essex Cordage site, Walthamstow

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As part of the Council’s ongoing commitment to deliver new homes and regeneration, 37 Sutherland Road, the former Essex Cordage factory site, has been identified as a site for new housing.

On Wednesday 14 March 2018 the Council, gave planning permission for demolition of existing buildings, construction of five-storey replacement building and three-storey side extension to Sutherland House in connection with the redevelopment of the site to provide 28 residential units and 439 sq.m of ground floor commercial floor space, together with associated car parking, cycle parking and landscaping. See details of the original development proposals, application number 164164.

In November 2019 Swan Housing submitted a planning application number 193182 to amend parts of the original approved scheme.

What is planned?

The housing proposals for 37 Sutherland Road include:

  • 10 one-bedroom homes
  • 15 two-bedroom homes
  • three three-bedroom homes
  • 10 per cent of the homes will be adapted for people with disabilities who will have three disabled parking bays
  • Landscaping, including a play space for pre-school age children
  • Secure cycle storage within the building for all residents
  • A sustainable approach to design.

The proposals will be further developed and refined during the resident engagement and planning process.

Who is undertaking the development?

Swan Housing is undertaking this development.

What happens when?

  • November 2019: Planning application submitted to vary planning conditions.
  • Spring 2020: Work is expected to start on site with the demolition of the existing buildings
  • Autumn 2021: Expected completion


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