Regeneration: 3 Station Sites at Lea Bridge



Station Entrance Design

The Council is preparing to submit a planning application for a new entrance to Lea Bridge Station.

This will improve the entrance and make it more attractive.

It will also mean the site next door can be developed with a new station square, new homes, employment and retail space.

This overall design of the station entrance has been decided, subject to the planning committee’s decision, but we would very much like your view on the design and the proposals, and how you feel they impact on the area

Within the new station entrance, a Feature Wall is to be provided. This wall will evoke the history, communities, cultures and identities of the local area, helping to contextualise the building.

For instance, the water industry of the local area could be celebrated or the work of other local artists, or simply celebrate the local community.

The wall could also celebrate the innovations of the historic Lea Bridge Station, a building purported to have been the first over-rail station building

The wall is an opportunity to collaborate with the local community, and local artists, so that the community can project their stories onto the walls of the station.

Please let us have your ideas on this and if you would like to get involved

This engagement closes at midnight on Sunday 5 July 2020.

The wall is an opportunity to collaborate with the local community, and local artists, so that the community can project their stories onto the walls of the station.

What is planned?

Around Lea Bridge Station, we want to create a local centre, with a real sense of place and character, and which is not so traffic dominated and both existing and new residents can enjoy. Improvements have been completed through the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme and a new development of 300 homes is nearing completion at 97 Lea Bridge Road.

The three Lea Bridge Station Sites are three parcels of Council owned land around the junction of Orient Way/ Argall Way and Lea Bridge Road.

The development of these three sites offers an exciting opportunity to support the borough’s Economic Recovery action plan, and to contribute to the positive improvements made in Lea Bridge.

In May 2020 The Council selected London Square and One Housing Group to be Development Partners for these sites. The Executive Decision reports approving this can be viewed on our Democracy website.

The proposals by London Square and One Housing include:

  • Construction of the new entrance to Lea Bridge Station with a new station plaza
  • 300 homes including:
    • 50 per cent affordable homes with 60 per cent of those for London Affordable Rent and 40 for Shared Ownership
    • 50 per cent of homes for market sale
    • Specialist homes for elderly people and people with learning disabilities
  • Cultural and commercial space including a Cultural Hub
  • 750 square metres of publicly accessible green space
  • A net increase in trees
  • Play space for children and young people
  • A Social Value programme to be developed and delivered with the local community

Site One would have a new station entrance and bike hub, public space and a tall building.

Site Two would have cultural, creative and commercial space, some town houses, and flats in a four to ten storey building alongside the new, improved pocket park and play space.

Site Three would have commercial and residential uses in a tall building.

The scheme will be subject to the planning process including referral to the Mayor of London and approval by the Greater London Authority (GLA) which will agree the final scheme.

What happens when?

Summer 2020: The Council will be entering into a Development agreement with London Square and One Housing Group
Late Summer 2020: The planning application for the new station entrance is submitted and statutory consultation takes place
Summer and Autumn 2020: Resident engagement takes place
Winter 2020/21: The planning application for the main scheme is submitted and statutory consultation takes place
2021: Work is likely to start on site with construction likely to be phased
2023: Likely completion of the scheme

Previous Consultation and Engagement

A significant amount of engagement and consultation on the Council’s draft Development Brief for the three sites took place in 2018 and a number of changes were made to the Development Brief.

There have also been further updates provided to the Lea Bridge Ward Forum, and several meetings with local residents and community groups, most recently on Tuesday 3 March 2020.
Issues raised are being addressed by officers through a range of initiatives including the Waltham Forest Local Plan.

How residents’ views have informed proposals

The council sought views from residents, local businesses, and community groups on initial proposals for the three Lea Bridge Station Sites as the first stage of public engagement for this specific site, following the conclusion of the broader consultation undertaken in respect of the Lea Bridge and Leyton Vision.

An initial brief was developed with BPR Architects and AR Urbanism and was summarised on these presentation boards at the public engagement events held at Sybourn Primary School on Saturday 2 December 2017 and during a display at Lea Bridge Library until Wednesday 24 January 2018.

Proposals for the three Lea Bridge Station Sites have been influenced by these engagement events and through early stage discussions with developers to understand the interest in developing these sites.

In response to this feedback the Council commissioned further surveys, including a tree survey and a Flood Risk Assessment. The surveys will be made available to potential development partners, with their recommendations incorporated into the Development Brief.

Other actions taken as a result of feedback include:

  • Removing the proposed pedestrian access route connecting Elm Park Road and Orient Way, due to security concerns raised by local residents.
  • Including a requirement for the scheme to achieve Secure By Design accreditation.
  • Testing the viability of including a high proportion of affordable (including social rented) homes with further testing to see the impact on the housing mix from a reduced height scheme.
  • Stronger wording in the Development Brief on the requirement for high quality green infrastructure.
  • Researching alternative locations for a health hub in the Lea Bridge area
  • Stronger direction on the approach the council expects from developers on the commercial and cultural elements of the scheme
  • Including active consideration of Community Land Trusts and other forms of innovative provision of affordable housing within the Development Brief to reflect changes to the council’s wider policy on housing provision.

Full details are provided in the public consultation feedback report available 

Keeping you informed

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More information is available from:

  • Waltham Forest Council’s Interim Programme Director, Russell Eacott
  • Waltham Forest council’s Stakeholder Relations and Community Engagement Manager, Keith Brown.