Reablement Service


Free, short term (up to 6 weeks) personalised support in your home, as agreed with you, to maximise your ability to manage your personal and practical daily needs.

The service consists of specially trained reablement officers, occupational therapists, physiotherapist and social workers.

Service aims Click to get info

Our aim is to work with you to: 

  • become more or fully independent
  • learn/relearn skills to help you manage daily tasks
  • get mobile
  • re-establish your routines
  • feel more confident around your home.

The service will support you at your own pace, rather than do for you, and will provide information and advice about community resources to help you for the future.

You may benefit from a period of reablement if you:

  • experience illness, hospitalisation or decline in your long term physical condition
  • want support to become more confident and independent, are over 18 and live in Waltham Forest

Further information Click to get info

Please use the below to request an assessment and identify where we can support you further.

For the community, please contact Waltham Forest Direct on:

Phone: 020 8496 3000

If in Whipps Cross Hospital contact on:

Phone: 020 8539 5522 ex 580