Private fostering

Children - 5-8 years_

Private fostering is when a child under 16, 18 if they are disabled is in the care of someone other than their parents or close relative.

Parents and carers must notify the council when agreeing on private fostering.

Professionals working with children have a duty to notify the council of private fostering situations. You should discuss this with the carer and or parents of the child.

To notify us of a private fostering arrangement please complete the private fostering form or contact us (see details below).

Private fostering regulations

There are regulations to protect children in private foster care. While many children will be fine, some could be at risk of abuse.

It is the responsibility of the local council to intervene in these situations.

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To notify us of a private fostering arrangement or to find out more please complete the  private fostering form or contact:

Waltham Forest Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub
221 Hoe Street
E17 9PH