Keeping your community safe

Waltham Forest is one of the most diverse boroughs in the country and we believe this is one of our strengths.

The council is committed to celebrating our diverse community and bringing people of different backgrounds together so that everyone feels part of our borough.

To emphasise our commitment to promoting equality, respect and cohesion in Waltham Forest, we are developing a cohesion strategy which will go to cabinet later this year.

Every year, thousands of our residents come together to enjoy community activities and events organised by the council and we are proud to say that the vast majority of them share our aim of a cohesive community where everyone is treated with respect. We have however, faced serious issues of extremism in the past where a small minority have sadly tried to jeopardise this for everyone else.

The Prevent programme Click to get info

All local authorities now have a duty to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. This duty forms a key part of the government’s Prevent programme.

This page gives information on how we fulfil this duty in Waltham Forest, setting out the details of each strand of our programme.

Waltham Forest, like all local authorities has a legal duty to:

  • work to reduce the threat of terrorism to the UK by stopping people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism
  • chair the channel panel, a panel with representatives from lots of different organisations, which assesses and provides support to vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism.

The following sections provide more information about what this involves: