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COVID-19 update

Thank you to all residents for their responsible use of our parks during this time. We appreciate your patience.

From Monday 29 March, residents can meet outdoors either in a group of six, or in a group of any size from up to two households. Parks in Waltham Forest remain open for you to use. Please continue to use our parks responsibly and follow the National Guidance around social distancing requirement from other groups of people.

Playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment are available for general use. However, we would ask that the public follow the below guidelines for their safety:

  • Do not use this equipment if you, or anyone in your household, has coronavirus symptoms, or if you are clinically vulnerable
  • Practice good hygiene: Only use this equipment if you have hand sanitiser to wash your hands with before and after use. Avoid touching your face.
  • Keep your distance. Wait a safe distance away until the equipment is safe to use.
  • Do not litter: If you are wearing disposable PPE, place in litter bins or take it home with you.
  • Gym equipment should only be used by one person at a time.
  • Avoid busy times and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when you get home

We know how important parks are to everyone, so please continue to use parks in a responsible manner:

  • Follow the current social distancing requirements with those outside your group
  • Do not litter - take your rubbish home with you if bins are full
  • Do not gather in large groups
  • Do not have BBQs
  • Comply with opening hours

Tennis courts are currently in use. You can book on Play Tennis Waltham Forest website.

A list of parks, children's playgrounds and open spaces.

Parks Click to get info

Location Facilities
Abbotts Park, Abbotts Park Road, E10 Premier park.
Bisterne Avenue Park, Bisterne Avenue, E17 Five-a-side / basketball hard court area, under 7s and under 12s play areas and managed by mobile teams.
Cann Hall Park, Cann Hall Road, E11 Five-a-side/kickabout area, floodlit skateboard park, under 7s and under 12s play areas, small club room and staffed during busy periods.
Chase Lane Park, York Road, E4 Under 7s and under 12s play areas, skateboard park.
Cheney Row Park , Durban Road, E17 5ED Mixed age play area, BMX track, Table tennis table, viewing point over Banbury Reservoir
Coronation Gardens, Oliver Road, E10 Premier park.
Coppermill Park, Coppermill Lane, E17 Under 7s play area, open grass area.
Drysdale Park, Drysdale Avenue, E4 Under 7s and under 12s play areas, outdoor gym, basketball court, 5-a-side football facilities and hard court area.
Henry Reynolds Gardens, Bush Road, E11 Under 7s and under 12s play areas, basketball post, ornamental gardens and friends of parks group.
Kitchener Road Park, Kitchener Road, E17 Children's play area and equipment for toddlers through to teenagers, grassed area and informal gardens.
Langthorne Park, Birch Grove, E11 Premier park.
Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Road or Marsh Lane, E10

Under 7s play area, 8+ adventure play area, football pitches, basketball court, wildflower, pavilion, ad hoc events.

Leyton Manor Park, Capworth Street, E10 Under 7s play area, hard court floodlit 5-a-side area, ornamental gardens, staffed during busy periods.
Lloyd Park, off Forest Road, E17 Premier park.
Mansfield Park, Mansfield Hill, E4 Great views over reservoirs, ideal for picnics and bird watching, large open space and ornamental gardens.
Memorial Park, Chingford Mount Road, E4 Premier park.
Pimp Hall Park, Simmons Lane, E4 Mixed age play area, great views over Chingford and large open space ideal for picnics.
Ridgeway Park, The Ridgeway, Old Church Road, E4 Premier park.
Jack Cornwell Park, off Leyton High Road, E10 Under 7s play area, Brooks Farm – inner city farm, grass picnic area and staffed during busy periods.
St James Park, Essex Road, E17

Large open area, under 5s, under 7s and under 12s play areas.

Stoneydown Park and Gardens, Longfield Road, E17 Hard court ball area, ornamental gardens, pavilion and under 7s and under 12s play areas.
The Highams Park, Keynsham Avenue, Woodford Green, Essex Grassed area with a variety of trees, great views of the adjoining lake and Epping Forest and under 7s play area.
The Linear Park, Grove Green Road, E11 Ornamental area.
Thomas Gamuel Park, off Boundary Road, E17 Kickabout area with basketball posts, under 5s and under 12s play areas and staffed during busy periods
Wingfield Park, Grosvenor Road, E17 Under 7s and under 12s play areas, landscaped area and pavilion.
Sidmouth Park, Sidmouth Road, E10 Under 5s and under 12s play areas and landscaped areas.


Children's playgrounds Click to get info

Location Facilities
Acacia Road playground, Acacia Road, E11 Under 5s play area, Friends Group
Arnett Square playground. Chingford Hall Estate, E4 Under 7s and under 12's play areas
Artesian Gardens playground, off Cathall Road, E11 Under 7s play area, seating area/gardens
Bridge Road playground, Bridge Road, E10 Under 5s and under 12's play areas
Brookscroft Road Play Area, Brookscroft Road, E17 4JR Mixed age play area
Church Lane playground, Church Lane, E11 Under 7s play area.
Dames Road playground, Dames Road, E17 Under 5s and under 12's play areas
Drapers Field Play Area, Temple Mills Lane, E15 2DD

Mixed age play area, table tennis table

Dyers Hall playground, Dyers Hall Road, E11 Under 12s play area
EpiCentre playground, Cathall Road, E11 7-12s play area, ball games area
Folly Lane playground, Folly Lane, E17 Under 7s and under 12s play areas
Greenleaf Road playground, Greenleaf Road, E17 Under 7s play area
Harrow Road playground, Greenleaf Road, E17 Under 7s play area

Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Road/Marsh Lane E10

Under 7s and 8+ adventure play areas, football pitches, basketball court, pavilion, ad hoc events

Leyton Sports Play Area, Brewster road, E10 6RG Mixed age play area, mini ball court, basketball goal, table tennis tables, Scooter track, children’s food growing facility
Marlowe Road recreation ground, Marlowe Road, E17 Under 7s and under 12s play areas, multi-sport area and garden area
Queens Road playground, Queens Road, E17 Under 7s and under 12s play areas
Selbourne Walk playground, located opposite
Selbourne Walk shopping centre, E17
Under 7s play area, landscaped area, managed on behalf of the Town Centre Manager
Seymour Road playground, Seymour Road, E10 The play area is temporarily unavailable as it is undergoing improvement works, but there are temporary play facilities available nearby
Vestry Road playground, Vestry Road, E17 Open hard court with basket ball
Vincent Road playground, Vincent Road, E4 Under 7s and under 12s play areas, grassed area and open grass area
Walnut Road playground, Walnut Road E10 Under 7s play area


Open spaces Click to get info

Our open spaces offer varied types and sizes of facilities, from the smallest ornamental gardens, to informal and scraped areas, cemeteries and churchyards, extensive woodlands and nature conservation areas.

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Location Facilities
Ainslie Wood
Anslie Wood Road, E4
Great in the Spring for bluebells, Has many oak and ancient trees and woodland ideal for walking.
All Saints churchyard
Chingford Mount Road, E4
Closed burial ground and quiet areas.
British Legion Road
British Legion Road, E4
Open space area.
Cambrian Gardens
Capworth Street, E10
Secluded "pocket park”.
Cathall Green
Cathall Road, E11
Climbing boulders, outdoor gym equipment and seating area.
Cheney Row
Billet Road, E17
Ideal for play activities and picnics, large grassed area and local residents group.
Chingford Green
Station Road, E4
Village green.
Elmfield Road
Elmfield Road, E17
Open space area.
Folly Lane Community Woodland
Folly Lane, E17
Planted community woodland.
Good Memorial Gardens
Chingford Mount Road, E4
Ornamental gardens.
Harrow Green
High Road, Leytonstone E11
Ornamental area and war memorial.
Higham Hill Recreation Ground, E17 Under 12's play equipment, under 7's play equipment, outdoor gym, basketball court / multisport area, tennis courts, open space, dog exercise area, pavilion.
Jubilee Gardens
High Road, Leytonstone E11
Ornamental area with seats.
Knotts Green
Leyton Green Road, E10
Open space area.
Larkswood and Larkswood Playing Fields
New Road/Larkswood Road, E4
Ancient woodland ideal for peaceful walks. Impressive oak and hornbeam trees. Large open area ideal for informal football, playing games and picnics.
Leyton Green
High Road, Leyton E10
Attractive open space and spring bulbs.
Low Hall Conservation Area
Low Hall, E17
(Accessed via Low Hall Sports Ground)
Quiet area of woodland with a variety of trees.
Mallinson Park Woods
High Road, Woodford Green Essex
Area of woodland attached to Epping Forest.
Pimp Hall Nature Reserve
Kings Road, E4
Conservation area and dovecote.
Wadham Avenue
Wadham Avenue, E17
Open space area and small grass area.


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