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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all Triple P Parenting Programmes are now delivered online.

Although being a parent can be very rewarding, there may be times when you need some extra support.

Support is available to parents and carers in Waltham Forest through local parenting programmes and services.

Parenting courses give parents and carers an opportunity to:

  • meet other parents
  • share ideas and concerns about being a parent
  • listen and learn from each other

Sessions are held weekly for two to three hours with trained group leaders.

The Waltham Forest parenting programmes aim to:

  • increase knowledge and understanding of children’s development and needs
  • build positive relationships and improve behaviour and communication
  • make parenting and family life more enjoyable
  • increase confidence and parenting skills
  • help parents to feel more positive and reduce parenting stress
  • develop new skills with practical support

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We offer the following courses in venues across the borough.

Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme (SFSC)
This course will help parents of children aged 2 to 19 years to think about how their actions and experiences may influence their parenting style.

The SFSC programme aims to:

  • increase parental self-esteem and confidence
  • reduce child behavioural difficulties

Length of programme: 13 sessions

Triple P Parenting Programme:

The Triple P Positive Parenting Programme is designed to help parents of children aged 4 to 18 years to improve their child’s behaviour. Results have shown that it has a positive effect on:

  • children's behaviour and emotions
  • parents' belief and confidence in their own abilities

The following courses are offered within the Triple P programme.

Triple P 0 to 12: 3 to 12 years
Parents with concerns about their child’s behaviour who require intensive training in positive parenting or those who wish to learn a variety of parenting skills to apply to multiple contexts.

Length of programme: Eight sessions

Triple P Teen: 11 to 18 years
For parents who have concerns about their teenager’s mild to moderate level of behavioural problems or simply wish to prevent behavioural problems from developing. Parents who have completed lower-level interventions and have not achieved the goals they wanted, may benefit from this course.

Length of programme: Eight sessions

Triple P Stepping Stones: up to 12 years
For parents of children with an intellectual or physical disability. It helps you manage problem behaviour and developmental issues common in children with disability. It also helps encourage behaviour you like, cope with stress, develop a close relationship with your child and teach your child new skills.

Length of programme: Six sessions.

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To apply for any of the above parenting programmes please contact Jennifer Callcott from the Parenting Team:

You can also download a parenting course application form (41KB Word) and return the completed form to the above email.