Our 12 commitments to you



Supporting residents and local business throughout the pandemic and planning for the future is our priority.

We have put together 12 commitments that set out how we will do this:

Our 12 commitments to you Click to get info

We want to make sure that families are supported this winter

Our Children and Family Centres will remain open to help those families struggling by helping them access hardship funds as well as hosting baby banks that provide baby food, nappies or food parcels when needed.

We will make sure that our foodbanks are always stocked

We will make sure that our local foodbanks have food and anything else they need to support residents over the winter. We will promote their services, help refer residents and collect food donations at our main libraries.

We will be there for our most vulnerable residents who need to stay at home with food, prescriptions and contact

We are providing immediate help to make sure our most clinically vulnerable residents have access to food, prescriptions and any support they need. We are phoning regularly to check in on them and will be there if they need us.

We will ensure that all of our care homes have the  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they need

Keeping our elderly residents safe in care homes is critical. We have bought extra supplies of PPE so care homes and carers throughout the borough can keep vulnerable people safe.

We will provide a face mask for everyone in the borough who needs one

Face coverings are one of the best ways residents can keep each other safe. If you don’t have a face mask please call 020 8496 3000 or you can order a mask to have one sent by post, or pick one up from any of our main libraries.

We want to make sure that no one has to sleep rough

We will continue to fully support our most vulnerable residents who are sleeping rough and provide accommodation and support to meet their needs. We will make sure they have a safe place to spend the night over the winter months.

We will support our schools with advice and practical help so they can stay open and safe

The Council is giving one to one public health advice to schools and colleges so they can stay open whilst keeping our children and young people safe.

We will provide local contact tracing so that those at risk of COVID-19 can take action

The Council has stepped in to launch a local contact tracing service using specially trained council teams to make sure that everyone at risk of coronavirus is contacted as soon as possible. The team is working seven days a week and will help residents access any help or services whilst they isolate.

We will support businesses during lockdown and help them to recover quickly

Local businesses are being hard hit. We will promote their services throughout lockdown, help them reopen and run a major Shop Local campaign in the run up to Christmas. We will effectively distribute grants and establish a Leader’s Business Network to share idea, expertise and practical support to help businesses get back on their feet.

We will help to bring jobs to our borough

We will help to create local jobs by bringing together businesses in the borough at a jobs summit in the near future. We will support local people with training and volunteering opportunities.

We will promote and enforce the rules to keep our residents safe

We’re working to make sure that everyone has all of the information they need to follow the new national measures. Our ‘stay safe’ champions will be out and about in the borough handing out face masks and advice. Where people ignore the advice and put others at risk, our enforcement team will not hesitate to take action.

We will help those who need it this Christmas

The Council will launch a borough wide Christmas present drive for children in Waltham Forest, and establish a charity giving campaign for local groups supporting children and vulnerable older people.