One bin is rubbish

22 January 2019



If you're ordering an indoor recycling bag, please select the option 'indoor storage bag for recycling'.

Order a handy indoor storage bag for recycling for your home, absolutely free.

Do you ever find your recycling piling up around your bin? You’re not alone, over one third of Londoners have said they would recycle more if they had another bin inside their home.

We have now made our indoor storage bag for recycling available to all housing types, so whether you live in a purpose built flat, house or flat above a shop, recycling in your home is now easier than ever.

Order your free indoor storage bag for recycling

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It’s simple to use:

  1. Fill up the bag with the recyclable items from around your home.
  2. When it’s full carry the bag to your outdoor green recycling bin and empty the items inside. If you live in a flat above a shop empty the items into a green plastic sack.

Bring the bag back inside and reuse it again and again.

Hack your own bin

There’s lots of ways to create some extra storage space for recycling in your home. Recycle for London has come up with some helpful ideas to get you started:

  1. Keep a basket under the stairs, or by the front door, as a holding area for papers/magazines that are waiting to be moved to an outside recycling bin
  2. Use bags for life to store bottles for recycling. Hang them on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door or in utility cupboards out of sight
  3. If you have kids, get them to decorate a plastic or cardboard box to store all your recycling - this will make it look nicer and encourage them to use it too
  4. Store an old bucket under the sink to put your cans, glass and plastic in after you've rinsed them out
  5. Re-use cardboard wine carriers to store glass bottles neatly for recycling

More information

Check out our recycling video to see exactly what you can put in your green bins in Waltham Forest.