Occupational health


The council has a legal duty to ensure that work premises are safe for employees and visitors.

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  • We will provide information to help businesses meet their safety and health duties on our web site and by letter or telephone, on request
  • On each first visit we will give you written information about our powers and your rights, as well as about ways of meeting your duties
  • Details of rights of appeal against enforcement action is provided along with the enforcement documents
  • Enforcement visits and emergency response is available outside normal office hours as required

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Available on request, about any general aspect of safety or health

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  • Victims of accidents or ill health can receive a ‘statement of facts’ for civil law purposes regarding the investigation, if any, in to the incident affecting them (for which there is a charge)
  • Every year we report on our work to the council’s members, and Health and Safety Executive

We aim to provide a service that is equally open to all. All employees can expect the same protection from the same poor work conditions regardless of their background or that of their employer. 

Employers can expect to be treated according to how well they control the risks they create through work, regardless of their personal background.

We regularly survey the people who use or are affected by our service.  We use the results to try to improve the service we give.  We will continue to look for ways to get all people who could benefit from our service to get to know about us, and to feel happy to deal with us. 

Before taking formal action against anyone who cannot read English well, we will ensure that they have a translation of what they must do, what the penalties are, and how to appeal against the action.  If urgent action is needed, we will do our best to have an interpreter present. 

  • First, contact the officer who dealt with you, to try to solve the problem
  • If your complaint remains, contact the manager of the health and safety section  informally
  • If you are still not satisfied, the manager will treat your letter or phone call as a formal complaint and follow council procedure

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