Observe Ramadan safely this month

8 April 2021



Ramadan, the month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community is happening and it's important our residents protect themselves and others during this time.

Please make sure you observe this month safely, follow current restrictions and take action to protect yourself.

Protect yourself and others

You can meet outdoors in groups of six or as two households, but must not meet indoors at this time. By meeting indoors the risk of infection increases, so please don’t be tempted to at this time.

The Covid-19 vaccine

It’s also safe to take the Covid-19 vaccine during this time and it will not break your fast. You can hear directly from Dr Ashraf, local GP and practicing Muslim who speaks more about this topic.

Dr Ashraf speaks about Ramadan and the Covid-19 vaccine

If you'd like to watch videos in other languages, please visit the local NHS website where you'll find videos in a variety of languages.