NHS NELFT - Specialist Children’s Community Nursing Team (Wood Street Health Centre)


Specialist Children’s Community Nursing comprises of three teams, all of whom work together to provide continuity of care for children and young people who have additional or specialist health needs.

1. Special School Nursing Team. Three of the special schools in Waltham Forest have trained children’s nurses who are based on site to be able to meet and respond to needs as required. Other special schools in Waltham Forest will have a special school nurse who visits the school to be able to offer support and advice as required. Examples of role include teaching and supporting others to meet the health and medical needs of the child/young person, family and carer support, immunisation and vaccination, ‘hands on’ nursing and emergency care within the school environment, transition planning, safeguarding/child protection, care planning –for example: emergency plans for health conditions such as seizures, diabetes, enteral feeding etc. We also provide administration of medication and wound care.

2. Child Development Nursing Team This team is based at Wood Street Health Centre in the Child Development Centre. The nursing team support the multi-disciplinary assessment, diagnostic and on-going management for children and young people who may have disability or developmental problem. The nursing team also includes a play specialist who is able to provide various play opportunities for children and young people as part of the assessment and on-going support.

3. Children’s Community Nursing Team This is a team of children’s trained nurses who operate from Wood Street Health Centre with the aim of enabling children and young people to attain and maintain their optimal level of health within the community setting. Examples of types of care and advice offered include children and young people who have the following conditions:

• long term conditions such as epilepsy, childhood cancer, cystic fibrosis, chronic lung disease of prematurity, gastroenterological conditions , children who require enteral feeding (tube feeding), asthma, complex medical conditions, eczema, palliative care

• short term conditions such as children and young people who require intravenous antibiotics and wound care.

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  • The Wood Street Health Centre
  • Address: 6 Linford Road, Walthamstow,, E17 3LA

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  • Special School Nursing operate from the schools themselves however the team leaded may be contacted at the above address.

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