National Graduate Development Programme

Jobs and training


Waltham Forest is a proud supporter of the National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP), a two-year scheme for graduates who wish to pursue a career in local government. Each year a new group of graduates from across the country are given the opportunity to work across directorates at the London Borough of Waltham Forest, gaining valuable experience and insight in to the operations of the public sector and local authorities.

Recent graduates have had the opportunity of leading on the Borough’s PREVENT counter-terrorism strategy, overseeing our local election preparation, and working across policy and campaigns work.

  • In Year One graduates rotate through three placements, each lasting four months.
  • In Year Two, graduates concentrate on two placement areas, giving them a greater opportunity to specialise in specific fields.

Graduates are encouraged to rotate widely around the authority, gaining experience and insight in to both areas they are interested in as well as those they probably never knew existed.

The NGDP scheme is run centrally through the Local Government Association (LGA), and more information can be found on the LGA website.