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The benefits system can be complicated because it is different for everyone. You need to understand what benefit you need to claim and how your claim will benefit you and your family. 

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If you are already claiming benefits you should use the benefit calculator to see if you will be better off.

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The benefit claim forms are sometimes very long and require a lot of detail. It is important that you read the form first and get advice before you complete it, otherwise you may have to start the process again or your other benefits may be affected and you could find yourself worse off. 

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To make a claim, you should first write down all the support you require and discuss this with a Job-centre plus advisor who will assist you with your claim or give you the relevant forms to complete. 

You can also seek advice from the following:

Waltham Forest Citizens Advice

Cerebra Disability Living Allowance Guide

It can also be helpful to seek guidance from someone who is in similar circumstances to you who has already made a claim as they may be able to help you understand the process.