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Information and guidance about how to apply for a full plans application, a building notice application, a regularisation application (retrospective) or reversion application (revert from Approved Inspector to Waltham Forest Building Control)

    • full plans application
    • building notice application
    • building demolitions
    • regularisation application
    • reversion application

    Apply online

    Find all the information you're looking for and make a full plans application on the submit-a-plan website 

    Apply in writing

    Download the application form here

    How to pay

    You can pay securely online here

    Find the list of current building control fees here

    Building control charge quotation

    Return your application with the following:

    • detailed plans
    • specifications
    • structural calculations
    • a location plan to scale showing the size and building boundaries
    • the fee

    By law, you must give us extra plans for work to workplaces. For example:

    • shops
    • factories
    • offices
    • public buildings

    Apply online

    You can apply for building notice through the submit-a-plan website

    Apply in writing

    To apply for building notice in writing, you must provide a location plan to scale showing the building and boundaries.

    Just download this building notice application form and return it to us with all your documents

    How to pay

    You can pay securely online here

    Find the list of current building control fees here

    Building control charge quotation

    If you want to demolish a building you must apply for permission from building control.

    Apply online

    apply for demolish permission 

    What happens after you apply

    After we receive your demolition notice, we’ll set out some requirements for you to make sure your demolition takes place in a way. 

    These may include:

    • shoring up adjacent buildings
    • weather-protecting adjacent buildings exposed by the demolition
    • repairing or making good the damage to adjacent buildings by the demolition
    • removing rubbish and clearing the site
    • disconnect, seal or remove any drainage under the building
    • making arrangements with authorities to disconnect water, gas and electricity supplies from the building
    • informing the fire authority if buildings or materials are to be burnt on site
    • ensuring the site is adequately fenced or secured to prevent dangers to people on or near the site

    Who you need to inform of your demolition

    • owners (and occupants) of adjoining properties
    • gas services
    • electricity services
    • Thames Water utilities
    • Health and Safety Executive
    • the council

    Other permission you may need

    You may need to get permission if:

    • your building is a listed building or in a conservation area
    • it’s a dwelling or a building next to a dwelling
    • trees on the site are protected 
    • conditions on a planning permission restrict the rubbish burning 
    • your works affect a party wall, you must talk to all parties with an interest in the wall

    Dust and noise considerations

    We control dust and noise on demolition and construction sites.

    Contact us if you need to make special arrangements.

    What you don’t need permission to demolish

    Not all demolition work need permission.

    So you don’t need to tell us if your demolition is:

    • the internal part of a building, if the building is occupied and will remain occupied
    • the external volume of the building to be demolished is less than 50 cubic metres
    • razing a greenhouse, shed, conservatory or prefabricated garage
    •  an agricultural building, unless it is attached to a building that is not an agricultural building

    You’ll need building regulation approval for most building works.

    If you overlook this and do works without permission, you may not be able to sell your property. 

    So, if you have carried out any unauthorised (building regulation works) since 11 November 1985 then you can now make an application for a regularisation certificate.

    Apply online

    You can make a regularisation application on the submit-a-plan website

    Apply in writing

    Download the regularisation application form here

    • complete the form and send with plans and documents showing the works carried out
    • if you carried out fire safety works to the building, send in copies of the plans

    How to pay

    Find out how much you need to pay by downloading this list of fees.

    Pay online

    Then simply pay the fees online here

    Find out how we calculate fees and charges in our guidance notes on charges.

    Building control charge quotation

    If the building work on the project has commenced but your Approved Inspector is no longer able to carry out their building regulation obligation, the Initial Notice will firstly need to be cancelled. If the Approved inspector has not already cancelled the Initial Notice, then the person instructing the work (for example, the owner) must cancel the Initial Notice before any further progress can be made. A prescribed form is linked below.

    If the works have been commenced, then once the Initial Notice has been cancelled, the project must (and legally can only) revert to your Local Authority building control team. A formal reversion application is required and the form is linked below.

    If the work hasn’t started, but the appointed Approved Inspectors cannot fulfill their obligations, then again the Initial Notice must be cancelled by either the Approved Inspector themselves or by the person instructing the works, but after that, the project is back open to competition for the Building Regulations function, and Waltham Forest’s Building Control Team would love to help and give you a quote to help get your project back on track quickly.

    We understand that reversion process may have been brought on unexpectedly and may be confusing, so if you’d prefer please contact us before submitting the application, please do so we’ll do all we can to ensure a smooth transition through the process.

    Apply in writing

    Complete the form/s and send or email back to us along with plans and documents showing the works and any documents or inspection logs from the Approved Inspector to help us determine how much of the work carried out so far complies with the relevant regulations. Where this information is not available, we may require you to open up various elements of the construction to prove compliance.

    How to pay

    Find out how much you need to pay by downloading this list of charges and you can pay online

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