Local land charges search

Planning and building control


A local land charge gives you information about a property.

This could be records of preservation orders, planning history, planning permissions, if it’s in a conservation area, has listed building status, charges etc.

How you apply for local land charges information

You can apply for land charges online at the NLIS website

You’ll need to complete the following forms


It’s submitted in duplicate by to the local authority asking for a search of the local land charges register to be conducted.


This enquires about outstanding statutory notices under legislation. Eg building works, environment, health and safety at work, housing, highways or public health.

Form CON29O (optional) is submitted if you have optional additional questions.

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Land charges search fees

Search type Current fees (including VAT)
Full search (LLC1 & CON29) £271.20
LLC1 £24 (we don't charge VAT for this)
Con29 £247.20
All Con29 £570
Each Con29 question £30
Each additional question £43.20
Extra parcels of land £48
Each personal search Con29 questions £6


Drainage enquiries Click to get info

To find out about drainage at the property you’ll need to speak to the local water authority

Online Have a look at the Thames Water property search website

Phone 0118 925 1504


Thames Water Property Services
PO Box 3189

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The turnaround time for postal searches is just 1-3 working days.

If you need your search back quicker than this, please contact us.

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Email LCenquiries@walthamforest.gov.uk


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