Local businesses no longer able to give plastic bags for free

12 March 2021

We're proud to support local businesses with the forthcoming change in national government legislation, coming into effect April 2021

From the end of April all retail outlets will no longer be able to giveaway single use plastic bags from free. 

Instead they will have to charge customers 10p per bag for a single use plastic bag.

Money raised through the roll out of a 10p plastic bag charge to all retailers will be donated to charitable causes by central Government. Currently plastic bags end up not being recycled and pollute the environment.  Plastic bags take 100’s of years to fully breakdown!

This legislation also bans the use of single use plastic straws, drink stirrer’s and cotton buds which also pollute the environment and can cause distress to marine creatures that mistake them for food.

Love your high street, choose local

During Covid many residents have found a new love for their high street shops which play an important part in the community. 

Please remember to take your reusable bag when you shop local. 

If you are passionate about saving the environment, why not save up your empty jars and takeaway containers and visit the ever growing amount of plastic free refill stores such as:

More information

If you are a local business and want to know what the change means for you then please visit the guidance page.