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The council does not provide legal advice to residents or local businesses.

There are a number of local and national organisations that provide this service, including the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Community legal advice Click to get info

This is a free and confidential legal service for the general public, paid for by legal aid. It is completely separate from the council, and is funded nationally by the Legal Services Commission and partnerships with independent advice agencies and solicitors.

Check the GOV.UK legal aid page to see if you are likely to be eligible for legal aid, and find a legal advisor in this area.

Consumer Support Network Click to get info

Consumer advice agencies are working together as a group to develop a network plan to ensure that good quality consumer advice is accessible by the whole community. The Consumer Support Networks (CSNs) initiative encourages consumer advice providers to join-up their services and provide consumers, wherever they live, with reliable, timely and quality assured advice.

Consumer advice needs to reflect today's complex and fast-changing marketplace. It must take account of developments such as the growth of internet shopping and the often complicated ways that goods and services are sold. We would expect advice available to cover:

  • what to look out for when buying goods and services
  • consumers' rights and obligations when buying goods and services
  • how to obtain redress when things go wrong
  • Consumer Support Networks and the community legal service are complementary initiatives

An important principle of the Community Legal Service (CLS) is that of simple referral to the right part of the network. If the first organisation you contact cannot help, they should be able to refer to another organisation that can. CLS partnerships will ensure that advice providers in their area take part in a referral network and strongly encourage providers to apply for the CLS quality mark.

One of the ways to improve access to, and delivery of legal and advice services in the community is by setting up and running referral networks. Effective referral is also one of the requirements of the CLS quality mark. We want people to recognise a certain standard of legal information and help.

When you see an organisation that displays the CLS logo, you know that organisation meets certain quality standards. If a CLS provider is unable to deal with all aspects of your problem, it can refer clients to another quality marked organisation.

See the Legal Services Commission website.

The Financial Deputy and Appointee Section helps residents of Waltham Forest, by protecting the income, assets and property of those who lack the capacity to make their own financial decisions.

Applications to act on behalf of residents as Deputy are made via the Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian. In certain situations, the authorised officer of the Council can act as Deputy for Property and Affairs following a referral from either Adult Services, or the Community Recovery Team, North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

For more information please contact:

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