Invitation to tender for a new operator for the council's Construction Training Centre

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The London Borough of Waltham Forest launched an Invitation to Tender (ITT) on Friday 15 June 2018.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) will be exiting the Waltham Forest Construction Training Centre in January 2019, after eight years of delivering training.

Due to the significant demand for Construction training in the East London area, The London Borough of Waltham Forest have decided to retain the use of the Centre, as a training facility for the Built Environment and Construction industries.

Interested parties can find full details and all tender documents on the ProContract portal, which can be accessed as follows:

Project Information - DN341335

All communication relating to the tender must be conducted through the ProContract portal message centre.


The Built Environment and Construction industry is an evolving sector with a number of exciting career paths and opportunities for individuals with a variety of interests and passions. The industry is a place where individuals in traditional trades combine established methods of delivery, with modern (precision manufactured) elements in their everyday work. Meanwhile, project managers and specialists use with the latest technologies i.e. virtual reality and robotics; to tackle the key productivity and management issues.

As a borough we believe it is important that core roles within traditional trades are filled with qualified professionals; and new entrants are provided with high-quality training, that meets the evolving needs of the industry.

It is the borough’s ambition for the newly launched Centre to deliver a wide breath of training, which provides a complete overview of the Built Environment and Construction process. We will push for a programme of training that is 100% linked to employment and job progression opportunities; and tackles current skills shortages, while providing insight and qualifications on the latest methods of delivery.

Core Programme Objectives

CITB’s exit presents an exciting opportunity for a new Centre Operator to build on CITB’s vision and tackle key issues faced by the construction industry, through the delivery of high-quality and financially sustainable training provision, which meets the borough’s Core Programme Objectives (CPO):

CPO1:  To address current and upcoming skills needs, through a programme of employer-led provision.

CPO2:  To offer clear progression pathways from entry-level trades (levels 1-2), through to technical/professional roles (levels 4-7).

CPO3: To deliver training in some of the latest innovations and technological developments; as well as integrating insight of emerging delivery techniques, into core training provision.

CP04:  To improve the perception of industry, through a programme of engagement with diverse and marginalised communities.

Ensuring the success of the Centre on Cathall Road

The borough will manage the Centre Operator contract and maintain a strategic advisory role in Centre activity, through the direction of a Governing Board; which will comprise of Council Officers and Industry Representatives.

The borough will expect the appointed Centre Operator to deliver its Core Programme Objectives, by implementing a business plan which incorporates the borough’s Critical Success Factors (CSF):

CSF1:  Financially sustainable training provision.

CSF2:  Employer-led training provision.

CSF3:  An agile delivery model, which ensures training provision, remains relevant to industry throughout the 9.5 year contract term.

CSF4:  A programme of support which assists SMEs gain the skills and insight needed, to secure large contracts and act as high-quality supply chain operatives.

CSF5:  High quality training delivery, which is underpinned by staff with an understanding of industry needs.


Download our full vision and specification for the Centre (PDF 2.6MB)

Site map of the Construction Training Centre

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