Important info for residents who have not yet received a postal vote

9 December 2019


Waltham Forest Town Hall

We would like to apologise for an administrative error that has caused some postal votes for Thursday’s General Election to be delivered late.

We have been working to rectify this and ensure that those affected have their ballot papers in advance of election day.

If you have registered to vote by post and have not had your postal vote delivered then please contact our Electoral Services Department on or call 020 8496 3000.

Votes posted in the borough by Royal Mail in time for the last collection on Wednesday will get to us in time to be counted.

If you have a postal vote you cannot vote in person  without your postal vote at a polling station. You can, however, hand in the completed postal vote to staff at any polling station within your constituency if you haven't had  time to post it to us. Your vote will not count if you post it in the ballot box.

We have notified the Electoral Commission as is routine in these matters.